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Breast Cancer Treatment in Istanbul

There is no doubt that many women want to know ways to treat breast cancer, especially after its unprecedented spread in recent years, to the extent that every one of us knows from near or far a breast cancer patient. Examination before breast cancer treatment: A malignant breast tumor is one of the common diseases among women, and it is an abnormal growth of breast tissue cells with a loss of the body’s ability to control this growth. Breast cancer can be treated in several ways, and before choosing the best one, the patient must undergo a medical examination that includes taking a sample of the tumor and identifying its type. After the medical examination, the oncologist - with the participation of the breast oncology surgeon - finds the best treatment method for breast cancer, which is one of the following methods: Surgical treatment. chemotherapy . Targeted therapy. Hormonal treatment. Radiotherapy. Methods of treatment for breast cancer in Istanbul. Previously, we learned about the methods of treatment for breast cancer, and now we will mention in some detail some of them.

Surgical treatment

The treatment of breast cancer with surgical intervention depends on the extent of the growth of the tumor. Surgical intervention procedures include:
Excision of the tumor while preserving the breast: This operation is performed according to the patient’s desire and depends primarily on the size of the tumor. There are cases in which it is not preferable to undergo this operation, namely patients with an inflamed tumor. Complete mastectomy: It is the best treatment for breast cancer if the patient suffers from any of the following conditions: An inflamed tumor. The presence of more than one tumor in different places in the breast. Tumor reflux. Young age, i.e. the patient was less than 30 years old. Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction: It is the best procedure for most patients because it contributes to restoring the natural shape of the breast, but there are some conditions - pathological and non-pathological - that may prevent the patient from undergoing this procedure, such as: an inflamed tumor. Heart failure. Renal dysfunction. Patients with immune system diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Type 1 diabetes patients. Smoking. Dealing with lymph nodes: In this procedure, some or all of the lymph nodes from the armpit are removed depending on the behavior of the tumor. Chemotherapy: The breast oncology surgeon determines whether the patient needs chemotherapy or not according to the following factors: The patient’s age. Tumor grade. Tumor size. The condition of the lymph nodes. Hormone receptors and the Her2 receptor. Monosynthesis-directed therapy When treating breast cancer, the doctor may combine two types of treatment methods to obtain a better result, such as using monosynthetic targeted therapy in addition to chemotherapy to treat cases of positive tumors.

Radiation therapy

A breast oncology surgeon resorts to radiation therapy when he wants to preserve the breast. He may also resort to it in cases where: the diameter of the tumor exceeds 5 centimetres. Locally metastatic tumor. Lymph node infection. Tumor inflammation. Tumor adhesion to the skin or muscles. Recurrence of a local tumor that has not previously been treated with radiation.

Hormonal treatment

Hormonal therapy depends on the use by a breast oncologist of female hormone inhibitors in breast cancer treatment in Istanbul, as these hormones contribute to the growth of cancer cells, and one of the most important medications used is: Tamoxifen. Femara (letrozole). Arimidex (Anastrazole). Aromazine (Exemestane). When 

Is chemotherapy the best treatment for breast cancer?

The size of the tumor is large in relation to the size of the breast, and the patient desires to keep her breast. Difficulty in removing the tumor from the beginning. The presence of inflamed breast tumors, and in this case the doctor advises the patient to undergo chemotherapy before surgery.

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