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Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Breast reduction with anchor scar: One of the most important methods used in breast reduction surgery in Turkey is breast reduction with anchor scar, which is a surgery in which the breast is reduced as much as possible and raised in an elegant and attractive way. One of the most important advantages of this method is that it works to It treats sagging skin and gets rid of excess skin in an excellent way, and gives the breast a natural appearance. One of the disadvantages of this method is that it leaves scars from the areola to the end of the breast, and it also leaves scars at the breast folds.

Breast reduction with nipple movement: Breast reduction with nipple movement is one of the methods used in the breast reduction process in Turkey. This method enables the doctor to reduce the breast in an appropriate way, and work on treating sagging by removing excess skin in the breasts in a large way to obtain a shape. Suitable. In this method, the nipple is moved from its place until the surgery is completed and it is placed in the appropriate place. This method is suitable for women who suffer from having large and pendulous breasts.

Breast reduction based on liposuction

After learning about the first type of breast reduction method in Turkey, which is surgery, we now learn about the second method of breast reduction, which is liposuction. This method is most suitable for women who do not suffer from severe breast enlargement, as it is suitable for breast conditions. Medium sized or somewhat large. In this method, surgical incisions are not used except in rare cases, and therefore this method does not leave any scars resulting from surgical incisions. The breast reduction process in Turkey is performed through liposuction by following some steps, which are: anesthetizing the patient with partial or topical anesthesia. You do not need general anesthesia. Very precise and small holes are opened around the breast in a circular manner. A liposuction device is inserted through these holes to suction out the accumulated fat. The holes are closed after liposuction, and from here the operation is completed and the breast is supported with a medical corset throughout the recovery period. Indications for breast reduction surgery for women include back, neck, and shoulder pain from breast tissue. Daily life is affected by the size of the breast and the symptoms it causes. Skin eczema and chronic dermatitis caused by breast folds. A large areola resulting from skin tightening. Bad self-image or complex appearance due to large breasts. Difficulty finding the right size bra, shirt, or other clothing.

When breast tissue is too heavy and this causes the areola to shrink, the location and size of the areola are usually adjusted. Breast reduction in men is performed by performing liposuction when male breasts grow due to excess fat. In this procedure, a narrow cannula is used to get rid of excess fat. There are different ways to reduce breasts in women. If a woman wants a less invasive procedure, she can choose breast reduction with liposuction. Liposuction is useful for those who want to slightly reduce the size of their breasts, so there is no problem in repairing it. Vertical breast reduction can be used by women who want a slight reduction in breast size and have noticeable engorgement. This process involves creating two incisions. The first is located around the edge of the areola and the second is formed from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold. The surgeon can remove excess fat, skin, and breast tissue because of the pattern of this incision. The T-shaped breast reduction procedure involves making three incisions. An incision is made around the edge of the areola, one that extends vertically from the breast to the breast crease and the third is made along the crease under the breast. This procedure is known to significantly reduce breast size and allow correction of asymmetry.

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