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Caesarean Section

What is a cesarean section? A caesarean section is performed when vaginal delivery is no longer considered a feasible and safe option and the health of the mother and baby is at risk. In this procedure, the baby is delivered by making a surgical incision in the abdomen and uterus. When should a cesarean section be planned? You should plan a caesarean section if it is needed for medical reasons, as this may be unplanned and occur during labour. You can plan a cesarean delivery in the following cases such as cephalic asymmetry, previous cesarean section, umbilical cord compression, multiple fetal gestation, breech position, and transverse lie. What to expect before a cesarean section? Your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature will be monitored. The hair will be shaved around the area of injury and a catheter will be inserted to empty the bladder.

Is a cesarean section painful? You will not feel any pain during the procedure although you may feel some sensations such as pulling and pressure. The waist and lower area are anesthetized during the procedure. When is a cesarean section recommended? A cesarean delivery is usually recommended if your labor is not progressing, your baby is in distress or in an abnormal position, you are pregnant with twins, you have serious health problems, there is a blockage in the birth canal or a history of a previous cesarean section. Is a cesarean section painful? You will not feel any pain during the procedure, but you may feel some sensation such as pulling or pressure. Most women are awake or drugged from the waist. Is natural birth better than caesarean section? The healing and recovery time for a vaginal birth is faster than for a cesarean section. World Health Organization figures indicate that the acceptable percentage of cesarean deliveries should not exceed 10 or 15 percent of all births. Turkey ranked first in terms of the increase in cesarean deliveries among OECD countries, by 53 percent. percent, an increase of 16 percent over last year, at a time when the rate in the rest of the OIC countries was about 28 percent.

According to the statistics of the Turkish Ministry of Health last year, Turkey witnessed one million and 248 thousand and 41 births (not counting the births of Syrian refugees), including 676 thousand and 152 cesarean births. Private hospitals topped the list with a rate of 44.5 percent of cesarean deliveries, followed by educational and research hospitals with a rate of 15.9 percent, then university hospitals with a rate of 5.3 percent, while the percentage was also high in government hospitals with a rate of 43.4. percent . While the media holds doctors responsible for the increase in caesarean section rates, the Turkish medical community denies the matter, pointing to other reasons, including the high age of mothers who give birth for the first time, pregnancy as a result of IVF technology, and the desire of some women to have a caesarean section due to fear of the pain of natural birth. And the desire of doctors to avoid any medical errors that might open them to endless court doors, in addition to the shortage of legal midwives. The midwife must be able to manage natural childbirth, monitor the mother, try various methods to assist in safe natural childbirth, reduce her pain, help the mother start a good relationship with the child, and encourage her to breastfeed. Also, places must be equipped with good standards of care for the mother during natural childbirth, so that she feels safe. In this context, campaigns that encourage women to give birth naturally continue, in order to preserve the health of the woman and the fetus at the same time.

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