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Chin Implant in Istanbul

Istanbul is the first economic and tourist capital of Turkey, which is why we find it a destination for all people around the world. Recently, beard hair transplantation has spread in Turkey and Istanbul in particular, and in this article we will discuss beard hair transplantation in Istanbul. What is the meaning of chin hair transplant? Chin hair transplantation in Istanbul aims to compensate for empty areas or low density to create a more attractive and masculine appearance. Beard hair transplantation in Istanbul is one of the most common operations currently due to its low cost and high quality, in addition to the experience of doctors. When can the beard be shaved after a chin transplant in Istanbul? After shaving the beard in Istanbul, the transplanted hair should not be shaved for a period of ten days. It should also be noted that loss of the transplanted hair will occur two weeks after the date of the operation, and then the hair will grow again in the third or fourth month after the beard transplant operation in Istanbul: In general, scissors should be used to shave the beard hair two weeks after the beard transplant procedure, and after the fifth month, you can use the rest of the shaving tools, such as razors.

In our Class Hair clinic, we recommend that the patient, after the operation, and for two days, eat soft things that do not need to be chewed so as not to cause pain in the jaw area and so that the follicles in the transplanted area become more stable. Therefore, you must avoid scratching the transplanted area until the follicles are well established. The cost of a beard transplant in Istanbul: The cost of a beard transplant in Istanbul depends on the areas that need hair transplantation in the beard, as well as on the number of follicles that will be transplanted, in addition to the result that the man would like to obtain, and the technique that will be used during the transplant procedure depends. Check the final cost. Advantages of chin implantation in Istanbul: the sufficiency of doctors who perform chin implant operations and the sufficiency of medical centers that are internationally accredited. The patient receives full health care before or after the operation. The efficiency of the team that monitors the case continuously. The free consultation service at our Class Hair clinic before even starting travel procedures makes the patient fully aware of the exact cost of beard transplantation in Turkey.

The effects of chin transplantation in Turkey disappear after approximately three weeks, and the transplanted hair begins to grow approximately two months later. Some statistics that were prepared recently indicated that the number of men seeking chin transplantation in Turkey has increased at a high rate compared to previous years. This is due to the development of this technique in Istanbul in particular. Contrary to what is promoted by some commercial companies, the effectiveness of any treatment to stimulate hair growth has not been proven. In the chin area, the only solution here is chin transplantation in Istanbul. Stages of beard transplantation in Istanbul: Calculating the number of hairs required. Determine the type of follicles suitable for a natural result. Extracting follicles from the donor area. Implanting the extracted follicles in the location of the chin in accordance with the specified design. How long do chin implant surgeries take in Istanbul? The time for transplanting the rest varies from one person to another depending on the size of the beard and the number of follicles that will be transplanted, but on average it takes from four to 8 hours to complete the process, as each hair is transplanted separately, taking into account the angle and accuracy to obtain the best results. How many grafts do you need for a beard transplant in Istanbul? Usually, for beard transplantation in Istanbul, you need a number of follicles ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 hair follicles.

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