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Facelift in Istanbul

Facelift operations in Istanbul today, and operations to tighten and get rid of sagging and wrinkles, have become among the most common and requested operations in the world. Facelift operations are performed in Istanbul with the aim of getting rid of wrinkles and sagging that occur on the face due to aging and other reasons, and to restore the freshness of the face. Its appearance is restored to its previous form.

Facelift operations in Istanbul are no different from other operations, as they are operations that require extreme precision to obtain the required results. Facelift operations in Istanbul are a reason that invites many people from around the world to come to Turkey to perform this type of operation, as facelift operations in Istanbul, what distinguishes it from others is the accuracy and quality of work and its low prices compared to other countries that provide the same services, but at much higher prices.

Facelift techniques in Istanbul There are many techniques that can be followed to perform facelift operations in Istanbul, some of which are surgical techniques and there are techniques that are not surgical. Surgical techniques for facelift in Istanbul Surgical techniques for facelift in Istanbul are considered one of the most common methods for performing facelift operations in Istanbul, and there are many surgical techniques for facelift in Istanbul, the most important of which are: The traditional facelift: The traditional facelift in Istanbul is considered one of the most common operations. It is common among facelift operations, and this technique does not stop at the facelift only, but extends to the neck to also tighten it to get rid of its sagging. The traditional facelift technique in Istanbul is considered a somewhat complicated process and requires a doctor with high experience and competence to perform it, as this technique requires a procedure. Surgical incisions behind the hair to enable the doctor to reach the skin and tighten it well. Small facelift: This technique is considered a somewhat simple technique, as it works to get rid of wrinkles and minor sagging only. Stages of the surgical procedure for facelift in Istanbul: After the patient is diagnosed and the type and depth of his wrinkles are determined, the appropriate technique for his condition is determined. In the operation, general anesthesia is initially given to the patient, and after that the doctor makes surgical incisions that will help him lift the face and get rid of it. From wrinkles, the position of the deep tissues under the skin will be changed, and excess skin in the face will be eliminated after it is tightened.

Non-surgical techniques for performing a face-lift in Istanbul There are many methods for a face-lift in Istanbul using non-surgical methods, and the most important of these methods are: Face-lift with thread technique: The thread-lift face-lift technique is considered one of the most popular non-surgical procedures for face-lifting in Istanbul, as it is simple and not Surgical and its cost is considered lower than the cost of facelift surgical techniques in Istanbul, and its results appear immediately after the procedure. Laser facelift: Facelift in Istanbul using laser is considered one of the latest techniques and methods used for facelift, as the laser works to activate collagen in the skin, and several facelift sessions must be performed in Istanbul using laser to reach the desired result. For more details about facelift in istanbul and to obtain a free medical consultation, please leave your phone numbers so that we can contact you immediately.

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