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Features You Should Know About Breast Augmentation in Istanbul

Until now, Istanbul is considered the most famous city in the world of cosmetic surgery, and it strives every day to increase its technical capabilities in breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, you should know the most important features that make breast augmentation in Istanbul superior to other cities: Istanbul has the elements that attract any woman who desires With breast augmentation, such as skilled doctors and clinics equipped with the best technology and the attention you receive from the medical staff. A doctor's consultation about breast augmentation in Istanbul is free in most clinics. You can also benefit from your trip to undergo breast augmentation in Istanbul in tourism and enjoy time. The price offers and services provided by Istanbul in the field of breast augmentation are distinguished from others, as they always aim to satisfy the patient.

Costs of breast augmentation surgery in Istanbul

Many women consider the issue of cost above all else, and Istanbul is not considered one of the expensive cities in terms of the costs of plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation. The result that you will get by choosing breast augmentation in Istanbul is worth any amount requested in clinics, which is on average between 1500-2500 dollars for breast augmentation in silicone, while breast augmentation in Istanbul with fat transfer is between 1800-2800 dollars. The cost of breast augmentation in Istanbul with fat transfer is higher because it is a more difficult and complicated process than using silicone, and it will take a longer time for the fat to be removed from a specific area and implanted in the breast.

Do breast augmentation prices vary in Istanbul

Of course, you may notice the discrepancy between the prices of several centers regarding breast augmentation surgery in Istanbul, and this relates to many points that play an important role in determining the cost, the most important of which are: the center’s introduction and experience: a center that has a long-established and expert medical staff will have high costs regarding breast augmentation. In Istanbul, this is because the results will be highly guaranteed. - The skill of the surgeon: When the surgeon is confident in himself and his abilities, he will ask for a price that is different from other doctors, and this may be an indication that you will get a distinctive result for breast augmentation in Istanbul. - The patient’s condition: If the condition is severe and requires a lot of effort during work, the cost will be high compared to the effort that the surgeon will make in the breast augmentation operation. - The presence of additional services: There are several breast augmentation centers in Istanbul that provide additional services for surgical operations, especially for foreign clients, such as accommodation, transportation, and tourist tours, all of which are factors that increase the cost of the operation.

Reasons why you should undergo breast augmentation in Istanbul

There is no woman who does not wish to have breasts that are consistent in size and shape with the circumference of the hip and waist, and there are many reasons that prompt any woman to seriously consider this breast augmentation procedure in Istanbul, and among these reasons are: - The desire to get rid of sagging breasts. Resulting from aging. - Feeling a lack of self-confidence when engaging in social life and meeting women who have larger breasts. - The desire for clothes to be more attractive and beautiful. - Find symmetry between the chest, waist and hip circumference.

How to choose a breast augmentation method in Istanbul

When you consult the surgeon, he will discuss with you all the cases that can be achieved regarding breast augmentation surgery, and he will present to you all the methods through which breast augmentation surgery is performed in Istanbul with the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and here you must choose the method that suits you, which is one of the following: - Breast augmentation With silicone: Silicone is the main implant used in the procedure, and its most important feature is that it gives you exactly the size you want. - Breast enlargement by fat transfer: In this method, fat is transferred from an area containing unwanted excess fat and implanted in the breast area. This method has the advantage of getting rid of excess fat as well. - Breast enlargement with saline solution: This method is for women who do not want a round breast shape, but rather a pendulous one. It is characterized by its low cost and natural results regarding the breast shape.

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