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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Istanbul

The spread of obesity in various countries of the world is one of the most dangerous medical conditions. Obesity is not limited to deformation of the external appearance of the body, but rather poses a threat to human public health with many serious risks. Therefore, gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul achieved great success and gained international fame that enabled it to occupy a global competitive position in In the field of gastric sleeve surgery, the prices in Istanbul are another attractive factor that helped increase demand rates compared to international prices, while providing the best levels of health care and relying on the most advanced surgical techniques in the world. Obesity is one of the most dangerous diseases of our time that affects both old and young. Weight gain may occur not only due to eating, but there are multiple reasons, such as eating fast foods that contain harmful fats, not exercising regularly, and gaining weight after pregnancy and childbirth. Some people resort to traditional methods of weight loss, which take time. Longer and a change in lifestyle. Some people find it easier and save time and effort, and resort to gastric sleeve surgery, especially in Istanbul. We must first identify the causes that lead to weight gain and excessive obesity in order to stay away from these causes after gastric sleeve surgery. Among the most important reasons are excessive consumption of processed foods that contain a high percentage of harmful fats, excessive consumption of sweets and sugars, and excessive consumption of foods that contain A high percentage of carbohydrates such as rice and pasta, excessive consumption of soft drinks, lack of regular exercise, which leads to physical laziness, lethargy and weight gain, irregular sleep and inability to relax, which stimulates the hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite and hunger, and also the presence of the genetic factor for obesity, according to For family history.

The most important pathological problems resulting from morbid obesity: Type 2 diabetes causes the accumulation of body fat and harmful cholesterol, causing a defect in the secretion of insulin in the blood. It causes high blood pressure and the possibility of angina pectoris and heart attacks. Obesity also causes people to form stones in the body and many kidney and liver problems and other problems. In the joints and bones. It also causes many psychological problems, depression, lack of self-confidence, and nervous tension. In some women, delayed pregnancy may cause the formation of fat in the abdomen, which leads to hormonal imbalance. Gastric sleeve surgery occurs by cutting and removing approximately 80% of the stomach’s size and making it in the form of a tube in the form of a banana. It benefits the person in obtaining an ideal weight that does not cause embarrassment and thus treats the psychological problems that psychologically affect the patient and protects him from the risk of contracting organic diseases that result from obesity. Anyone who is considering and resorting to gastric sleeve surgery must have an excessive weight gain of up to 40 kilograms according to the body mass index. He may have failed to lose weight by traditional methods such as diets and sports practices, or the person may be suffering from unjustified weight gain. Types of gastric sleeve in Istanbul: cutting the stomach in the form of a longitudinal tube and has a high rate of success. Cutting the upper part of the stomach with cutting part of the small intestine and connecting the intestine with the stomach at the top of the stomach. Sleeving also occurs by banding the stomach by placing a band above the stomach to reduce its size and returns To feel full quickly, make a hole in the middle of the stomach, so the food enters the stomach slowly, so you feel full quickly, through a hole in the middle of the stomach and closing the stomach around it, then connecting the stomach vertically from the hole to the top and narrowing the part near the esophagus.

Gastric sleeve surgery begins with the step of general anesthesia, then small incisions are made in the abdomen, no more than 1 cm in diameter, to insert a medical endoscope with a precise diameter into the abdomen through a small endoscopic camera that enables the surgeon to guide the endoscope and precise medical tools into the stomach correctly, then he cuts 60 to 80% of the stomach, depending on The patient's condition, then the surgeon staples the wound with universal staples with a diameter of one and a half centimeters to ensure a safe rate of leakage, then performs a leakage test by pumping a safe substance suitable for the stomach and monitoring its exit, then removing the tools, closing the incisions, and ending the operation.

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