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Gynecomastia in Turkey

One of the most common problems facing men is gynecomastia, and many of them remove their breasts in Turkey and other places. It is a surgical operation that aims to remove sagging breasts and excess fat. This is also done by removing the fatty tissue present in the breast. This operation is also concerned with changing the shape of the breast to make it appear with a beautiful, muscular, athletic appearance.

As for gynecomastia, it is the occurrence of sagging in the breast area in men, and the size is larger than normal due to an increase in the proportion of female hormones in men and an imbalance in the proportion of male hormones, and sometimes the cause of this problem is an increase in fat around the area and causes An increase in the size of one side over the other. This problem does not depend only on the unacceptable appearance, but also extends to some health problems such as diabetes and blood pressure. Therefore, the necessity of treating this area is important and is not related to appearance, but rather is related to general health.

There are different types of gynecomastia removal procedures in Turkey, all of which are surgical operations, but the difference between them depends on the techniques used in the surgery, which are: The process of removing gynecomastia in Turkey through the use of liposuction technology. The process of removing gynecomastia using surgical fat removal. The third technique is to combine liposuction with surgical removal. Each patient can determine the appropriate technique for him depending on his condition and the type of tissue that caused sagging breasts. It is worth noting that the patient undergoing such a procedure is a combination of surgery and liposuction, as it gives the skin a tightened and wonderful appearance.

The process of performing gynecomastia surgery in Turkey is carried out on the basis of several stages, which are: completely anesthetizing the patient in most cases, but if the sagging is caused only by the formation of fat in the breast, then anesthesia is required. The doctor begins by making a surgical incision, and the size of the wound or incision varies according to the technique used in the gynecomastia surgery process in Turkey. If the technique used is liposuction, the incision in this case is very small.

If the procedure is performed using liposuction, a small tube is inserted into the incision. It is a tube designed to get rid of excess fat. If the patient needs breast surgery, the surgical incision is larger than that in liposuction operations, and excess breast tissue is removed from the incision. In cases that require a combination of suction and surgery, the doctor suctions the fat, then makes an incision and removes the remaining tissue, then the skin is tightened. At this stage, the surgical incision is closed, and then the doctor places some bandages on the place, and sometimes this is necessary in some cases, and then the patient begins to recover after the operation.

There are risks to gynecomastia removal surgery in Turkey, including the occurrence of some allergic reactions as a result of general anesthesia, the occurrence of bleeding during the procedure, and there are also cases of blood clots. However, complications include scarring and lack of sensation in the nipple. There are also cases in which the tissues under the skin are damaged. Sometimes lack of experience leads to a heart attack and complications in the lungs and the cardiovascular system. The patient is exposed to problems such as infection, and there are many cases in which the patient experiences some pain in the chest area, and these pains are permanent. The breast rarely returns to enlargement and enlargement after the end of the surgery. Gynecomastia in men is also a medical condition and must be treated.

The patient must also have an appropriate weight and no continuous increase in the breast so that the operation can be performed. There are also some noticeable results resulting from the operation: the results appear immediately after the operation is completed, and some scars form as a result of the surgical incision. In most cases, the results of gynecomastia surgery in Turkey are very satisfactory, and this procedure leaves the breasts with a beautiful appearance. The skin can also adapt to the new shape and the chest becomes attractive and taut after a period of time. It is also preferable to exercise after the operation.

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