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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Some patients sometimes hesitate to perform any surgical or non-surgical procedure for fear of the pain and complications that may occur to them, but with the development of cosmetic medicine and modern technologies, pain has become a negligible symptom because most of the techniques and tools used for any cosmetic procedure at the present time focus on not The patient feels severe pain and is provided with complete comfort. One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries nowadays is hair transplantation in Istanbul for people who suffer from baldness or chronic hair loss. This technique has been accepted by most patients because it gives effective results in the long term and its costs are appropriate in most cases for everyone. But some may wonder: Are hair transplant operations in Istanbul painful? In this article, let us learn about the most famous hair transplant techniques in Istanbul and whether they are painful or not: To answer this question, let us first summarize the steps of hair transplantation in Istanbul with most of the techniques: 1. Local anesthesia for the patient 2. Extracting follicles from the donor area or the so-called hair bank. 3. Opening the channels (if it is the Sapphire technique) 4. Transplanting the hair follicles in the recipient area (in the Choi technique, the channels are opened and the hair is transplanted in Istanbul in one step) The first stage of the hair transplantation process in Istanbul in all techniques is local anesthesia of the scalp. The head, which is the most important step before starting to extract the follicles. The follicles are extracted using a device called a micromotor, which is a painful process if local anesthesia is not used. Therefore, we can say that when local anesthesia is applied to the scalp, the patient will not feel any pain throughout the procedure, and therefore the hair transplantation process in Istanbul is considered painless.

The hair root and the area to be transplanted are anesthetized in all hair transplantation techniques in Istanbul, and the local anesthesia stage is considered one of the steps in which the patient feels slight, lasting pain. There are two types of local anesthesia, either local anesthesia with a needle under the scalp, which is a technique that causes some pain, or Local anesthesia without needles is often used by people who suffer from a phobia of needles. In this way, an anesthetic liquid is injected under the skin, which is a method that provides comfort to all patients who are afraid of pain. There are some cosmetic centers that use the Comfort Inn technique for the anesthesia process, and thus there is no pain either during anesthesia or during hair transplantation in Istanbul. One of the most important advantages of the Comfort Inn technique is that it is fast-acting. Within seconds, the patient becomes numb and does not feel any pain.

What is the difference between traditional local anesthesia and anesthesia using the Comfort Inn technique? The anesthetic effect of the Comfort N technique is more effective because it penetrates the skin to a depth of 0.15 mm. In the traditional local anesthesia technique, the needle penetrates the skin to a depth of 0.39 mm, thus causing pain and sometimes damage to nerve fibers in some patients. Advantages of Comfort N technology in local anesthesia - it does not use needles, as it is suitable for people who suffer from a phobia of needles. - Can be used anywhere on the body. - It does not penetrate the skin deeply and therefore does not cause damage to the skin fibers. - It is found in most cosmetic centers. - Its effect is fast and long lasting. When does the effect of anesthesia wear off in hair transplantation in Istanbul? Some patients feel tingling or numbness in the scalp after a hair transplant in Istanbul. This indicates nerve damage, and it may take up to two weeks for all sensations to return to the scalp. The effect of the anesthetic during the operation can last for about 4 hours, and if you feel some pain, the doctor will prescribe some painkillers for you.

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