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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul is one of the most effective ways to replace lost hair, as hair transplantation in Istanbul is considered one of the most permanent and reliable methods for results, so the transplanted hair is like the original hair without any difference, so hair transplantation in Istanbul is one of the most requested procedures for those who They suffer from partial or total baldness.

What is hair transplant? >• Hair transplantation is a medical procedure performed by a specialist doctor to take hair follicles from an area not prone to hair loss and transplant them into the targeted area, giving the patient natural hair as if he had not previously experienced hair loss. • It is worth noting that most of those who go for hair transplantation in Istanbul are men, because men are more susceptible to hair loss than women, and almost half of men suffer from hair loss and baldness, so the only and most effective solution is to perform hair transplantation in Istanbul and in one of the specialized centers. • There is also a significant percentage of women who suffer from hair loss and lack of hair density. Therefore, we find that some women also resort to hair transplantation in Istanbul to compensate for the lost hair and increase the density of the remaining hair.

What are the causes of baldness or lack of hair density? • Genetic factors are among the most influential things on the issue of hair loss and baldness, and hereditary characteristics constitute a very large percentage of the direct impact on hair loss and baldness, but genetics is not everything, as there are also many reasons that lead to baldness or hair loss and lack of hair density, and among these are Reasons: - Aging. As a person gets older, he becomes more susceptible to hair loss and baldness, as there is a large percentage of people over the age of 50 who suffer from baldness and hair loss, and this reason is considered one of the most important reasons after genetic reasons. - Diseases and some medical conditions. There are many diseases that lead to hair loss, baldness, and lack of hair density, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and calcium deficiency in the body. This reason may require the patient to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey to compensate for the lost hair and restore its shape to what it was before. the previous . - Accidents and injuries. There are some accidents that a person is exposed to that may lead to hair loss in certain areas and exposure to baldness. This condition requires the owner to undergo a hair transplant in Istanbul. How is hair transplantation performed in Istanbul? • The specialist takes hair from the back of the head and transplants it in the affected areas. This method is in the natural state, but if the damaged area is very large or the hair at the back of the head is not thick, then other areas of the body are used, such as the arm or chest area. The hair transplantation process requires several hours, and the duration increases or decreases depending on the size of the area affected by baldness or the number of follicles to be transplanted. If the affected area is large or the number of follicles to be transplanted is large, the hair transplantation process in Istanbul can be performed in several sessions. • The hair transplantation process in Istanbul is performed under local anesthesia, where the patient’s head is wrapped with a special bandage after completing the hair transplantation process. The patient is able to leave the hospital or medical center two hours after the procedure at the latest, and the patient is advised to take a rest for three hours. Days then he returns to his normal activities after this period with the bandage on his head. • Some head pain may rarely occur after a hair transplant, and this pain can be eliminated by taking some painkillers, and often the patient does not need any other treatment as the pain quickly disappears.

What are the hair transplant techniques in Istanbul? • The FUE technique is often applied, as this technique does not leave a trace after the procedure is performed, or it may leave a light, unclear trace. With this technique, hair is taken from the donor area, such as the back or sides of the head, according to the patient’s desire, and hair is then transplanted into the affected areas. It must be noted that for this technique to be successful, the patient must have healthy hair in the donor area, as the results vary depending on the type of hair, its color, and its curvature. In most cases, patients tend to choose this technique because it is the most widespread and does not lead to traces in the areas. Donor or transplanted.

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