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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul has become one of the first cosmetic surgeries because of its more than wonderful results in addition to the somewhat low cost and the distinctive techniques used in Istanbul. Here in our article, we will talk about hair transplantation in the best city in Turkey, which is the city of Istanbul, which is the largest Turkish city and considered the cultural and economic center of Turkey, as it is located in the northwest of the Turkish state on the Bosphorus Strait, and it is the only city in the world that is located on the continents of Asia and Europe. Istanbul is currently considered one of the cities that brings together many different cultures and nationalities. It has become a haven for many people around the world, whether touristically or medically. Hair transplantation in Istanbul is considered one of the most popular fields with wonderful medical staff and professional hair transplant specialists.

What is the meaning of hair transplantation? Hair transplantation involves extracting follicles from donor areas of the head, such as the back of the head and sides, and then transplanting them into bald spots or gaps in the head. How many hair transplant centers are there in Istanbul: It can be said that it is a very large number because many people around the world come for hair transplantation in Istanbul, and for this reason you must be very careful before choosing the best hair transplant center or clinic in Istanbul. What distinguishes a hair transplant center from others in Istanbul: the medical staff. The hospital and the extent of its services. The experience of the doctor supervising the hair transplant procedure. Therapeutic package after hair transplantation. Therefore, it is always better, before performing a hair transplant in Istanbul, to meet with a specialist doctor and discuss with him the expected results of the hair transplant. Here at our clinic, “Kala Shair,” we provide all support to our patients in order to obtain the best results with excellent coverage and high density. How many days does a patient need for hair transplantation in Istanbul? The average number of days for hair transplantation in Istanbul is three days, and this time period varies according to the specialist doctor and according to the technique that the doctor will use.

How many sessions does a patient need for hair transplantation in Istanbul? Hair transplantation in Istanbul can be done in just one session, depending on the patient’s condition and on the number of follicles in the donor area and the spaces in the head. For this reason, we mentioned previously that the patient must consult a doctor in order to find out if he needs another session and to expect the final results. Of the hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, if he needs more than one session, the specialist doctor will inform him of that before the hair transplant operation. These sessions can reach three sessions according to the patient’s need, but the specialist doctor always prefers that the number of sessions not be many, more than three sessions, so that We lose hair follicles in the donor area, which leads to an unnatural, unhealthy appearance with low density. Shaving hair after a hair transplant in Istanbul: After a hair transplant in Istanbul, the patient must be very careful in dealing with his head or the transplanted area. Therefore, we must clarify that it is strictly forbidden to shave hair in the first month using a razor or razor blade because The canals in the head need at least ten days to heal completely, and may require a longer period for some patients, so it is preferable not to approach the hair at all in the first two weeks after hair transplantation operations in Istanbul.

We mention in this article that there are some things that should be avoided, especially in the first days and weeks after a hair transplant in Turkey, such as avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or consuming alcohol during the first weeks and refraining from touching the crusts or scars that appear on the scalp. It also prevents exposure. Any tension or pressure during the first weeks so that this does not affect the donor area or even the head in general. If you are hesitant to undergo hair transplantation in Istanbul, you should just contact us to get the best free medical consultation through our medical staff to find out the best technique suitable for your condition and give you the best cost.

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