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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul has become one of the most frequent operations that people come for from all over the world. Istanbul is known as one of the few cities that provides high-quality treatment services at low prices compared to other countries that provide the same services with similar quality. Istanbul is also considered one of the few cities that provide high-quality treatment services at low prices. One of the most beautiful cities, as it includes many tourist attractions, which allows many people who want treatment in general and cosmetic treatment in particular to make Istanbul their destination for medical tourism.

We can say that Istanbul is one of the most important global centers in terms of culture, trade and industry to attract tourists. Istanbul differs and is distinguished from other cities in many medical fields, the most important of which is hair transplantation in Istanbul. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplantation as it began at the dawn of This field has always been one of the countries that has updated and developed many technologies and treatment methods, and one of the most developed Turkish cities is Istanbul. Therefore, hair transplantation in Istanbul is one of the most searched questions on the Internet and search engines. Therefore, we will simplify for you here and explain to you what hair transplantation is in Istanbul.

Thanks to the facilities provided by the Turkish government for treatment and thanks to the coverage of almost all types of treatments under health insurance, the number of health centers has increased greatly in this country, and what has helped this is the confidence of patients who visit them for treatment, and thanks to the increase in their numbers and reaching hundreds of thousands. For hair transplantation in Istanbul, you will find many health centers, and you will also find that prices may vary from one place to another, and this is due to the efficiency of the hair transplant center in Istanbul, and also due to the extent of the experience of the treating physician. Some people may think that the less expensive they find a place, the better it is for them, but on the contrary, there are some centers in Istanbul that do not have experience and are not even registered, so to ensure the quality of the work, patients who want hair transplantation in Istanbul must go to well-known medical centers. For hair transplantation in Istanbul, there are centers with experience and name, and known for their efficiency and mastery of their work, for hair transplantation in Istanbul, and here we will advise you on Class Hair Hospital, which is one of the strongest and largest medical centers in Istanbul and the world.

What are the advantages of hair transplantation in Istanbul? One of the most important features of hair transplantation in Istanbul is the modern techniques followed by the centers specialized in hair transplantation in Istanbul, the modern equipment that is used and the great medical experience. Experience, of course, comes first, as well as education. Health services must be widely available, and modern technical equipment must certainly be available. Experience in hair transplantation in Istanbul. Turkey is not far behind the countries that started this field in time, as it entered it a few years after the emergence of this field, and this is what allowed Turkey to be one of the most experienced countries, so hair transplantation in Istanbul is considered a successful option. We can say that experience is what has helped Turkey succeed in recent years in the field of hair transplantation, which has given it a lot of experience, and this is what has helped hair transplantation in Turkey develop a lot in recent times, as the large numbers of people who come for medical tourism and for hair transplantation in Turkey have contributed to enhancing Success in this field in this country. Also, let us not forget here the cleanliness and technical efficiency of hair transplantation in Istanbul. In Istanbul, the latest and best techniques for hair transplantation are applied, such as FUE transplantation, for example, transplantation with Choi pens, and many other newly approved techniques that give guaranteed and good results. The latest medical devices are used in these techniques, and work is done in a sterile, safe and clean environment. Local anesthesia is also used in these techniques, which does not cause pain at all, and all of this is done under the supervision of highly experienced doctors. How is the decision for hair transplantation in Istanbul reached? Often, the best hair transplant center in Turkey is first searched on the Internet, and once they reach the center, they are contacted to speak with the medical advisor to give an initial assessment of the case at hand. Most people tend to send their photos via WhatsApp to give this rating based on what is clear in the photos. Initial evaluation and communication for hair transplantation in Istanbul. Four photographs of all ends of the head are requested, and this helps the expert to determine an initial number of the number of follicles to be transplanted and to determine the technique that will be used. To be sure, this examination is an initial examination and the actual examination will take place after the patient arrives to confirm his needs for transplantation.

Hair transplantation process: The hair transplantation process usually takes 5 to 6 hours, and the operation may take place on the day of the patient’s arrival or the next day, depending on the assessment of the condition and readiness. The process includes several stages, which are: The operating room is sterilized and prepared, and the patient is transferred to it. Here comes the local anesthesia stage, and this stage does not cause any pain. After that, the follicles are extracted from the donor area, then sorted and placed in special incubators, according to the technique used. Channels may be opened in the recipient area. After completing the extraction process, the area in which the hair will be transplanted will be determined and drawn according to the agreement made with the patient. After that, the patient will be bandaged, and here the process will be over. The patient will then be given the treatments that he must take after the transplant, and he will be given instructions that he must follow for days. . Review after the hair transplant operation in Istanbul. The next day, you will visit the hospital to remove the bandages, sterilize the head, and to check on the success of the operation. >The success of the operation depends on the patient’s accuracy in following the instructions given to him by the specialist who performed the operation on him, in terms of diet, taking the required vitamins, and staying away from alcohol and cigarettes for a certain period. >And how to deal with the head and hair throughout the period that one must pay attention to. For more information and to obtain comprehensive medical advice, please leave your phone numbers and name in the special fields and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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