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Liposuction in Istanbul

With the increasing desire of people to perform liposuction operations in Istanbul, liposuction centers in Istanbul began to increase, as Turkey became one of the countries that contain the most liposuction centers. It also became the first destination in the world for patients who intend to perform liposuction operations in Istanbul, so the services have multiplied. What these centers provide has increased with the increase in demand for them, as liposuction centers in Istanbul have become, in addition to being beauty centers, also centers for tourists from various countries of the world, as these centers provide their services in the field of receiving patients from the airport with accommodation in high-class hotels, In addition to its services in the field of translation and everything the patient needs to spend an enjoyable vacation period, in addition to performing liposuction in Istanbul.

What are the advantages of liposuction operations in Istanbul? • Turkey has recently been classified among the best countries for performing liposuction around the world, as it contains many centers specialized in this field. In addition to the competitive prices offered by these centers, the patient can perform the same operation in Turkey at a much lower price than in any neighboring country. This is due to various reasons, including cheap labor and living standards, so Turkey is the ideal choice for performing liposuction and all other cosmetic surgeries. • The patient can take advantage of the vacation opportunity to take an exceptional trip with liposuction in Istanbul, as most tourists who go to Turkey to undergo a plastic surgery or liposuction also take a tourist tour in Turkey, because Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations around the world. • It must also be noted that the prices for liposuction in Istanbul are much lower than the rest of the countries of the world, and the liposuction centers in Istanbul offer very competitive prices, and this is part of the advertising campaigns that will attract patients to these centers, as well as the cheap labor force. Living life has made liposuction operations in Istanbul among the cheapest prices around the world, so patients travel from various countries of the world to Turkey to save some money from performing liposuction operations in Istanbul. • Liposuction centers in Istanbul are characterized by containing the latest devices and technologies used in liposuction operations around the world, so performing liposuction in Istanbul is very safe and very special. How is liposuction performed in Istanbul? • Before making the decision to perform liposuction in Istanbul, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor. The doctor explains to the patient what liposuction is, what its steps are, and how it is performed. He also advises the patient if liposuction is not useful for his condition, because liposuction does not treat Excessive obesity. The doctor also examines the patient to see if the patient suffers from any other diseases that hinder performing liposuction. Then the doctor determines the areas from which he will perform liposuction, depending on the patient’s condition and the places where fat is located in his body. • The doctor performs some tests for the patient, such as blood tests and coagulation tests, because liposuction in Istanbul is considered a surgical procedure. The doctor also performs a chest X-ray and an ECG for elderly patients. • The patient must inform the doctor of all the medications he is taking, because there are some medications that must be stopped before liposuction. • The patient stops alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the operation, and the doctor also informs the patient of the need to fast 8 hours before the operation. • The doctor draws lines with an ink pen on the patient’s body to determine the areas chosen for liposuction. The patient also undergoes local anesthesia, then skin cleansing. • A small incision is made in the skin and then a suction needle is inserted, which is connected to a transparent, vacuum tube. • The liposuction process begins with the need to avoid suctioning more than 2-5 liters of fat due to the high risk that may affect the tissues. • A small bandage is placed over the incision area, and the liposuction process takes about one to three hours, depending on the amount of fat that must be suctioned. When do the final results of liposuction appear in Istanbul? • After undergoing liposuction in Istanbul, the person begins to notice a difference in the shape of the body several weeks after the liposuction procedure in Istanbul until the swelling and fluid retention disappear, and after several months the final results of the body shape can be seen after the operation. • The results of liposuction in Istanbul are permanent if the weight is maintained, as in the event of weight gain, new fat cells will form, but their distribution will differ from the previous one, so it is important to maintain weight stability through: - Exercising. - Follow a healthy diet that does not cause obesity. • It is important to remember that the harms of liposuction in Istanbul occur in varying degrees, and it should also be known that the procedure is not a method for slimming or getting rid of excess skin after losing weight, as it is used to remove stubborn fat in specific and limited areas of the body, which is not removed by traditional methods. From exercising or dieting. What are the tips that a patient should follow after liposuction in Istanbul? • After performing liposuction in Istanbul, the specialist doctor will provide some instructions and advice to avoid any possible complications that may occur to the patient, and these tips include: - Not using blood-thinning medications: After performing liposuction, you must completely refrain from taking any therapeutic drugs that cause blood-thinning to avoid... Bleeding or swelling of blood vessels, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and the like. - Rest and relaxation: The length of the recovery period after liposuction in Istanbul varies depending on the type of technique used to perform it, but in the end rest remains a basic condition to avoid exposure to any serious complications, so you should avoid practicing any strenuous physical activities during the first weeks in addition to obtaining appropriate installments of sleep. - Drink a sufficient amount of water: Drinking fluids, especially water, in appropriate quantities helps hydrate the body and increases the pace of recovery from the effects of various types of liposuction operations. - A healthy and balanced diet: A nutrition program after liposuction with laser, vaser, or any other technique is usually determined by a specialized nutrition expert. The patient must fully adhere to that program to obtain the desired results, and these nutritional programs usually depend on reducing salt levels. Fats and increased sources of vitamins and antioxidants. - Physical exercises: Regular exercise helps stimulate blood circulation and enhances the general health of the body. It is also one of the most important steps after liposuction by VASER or laser to maintain the results achieved through them. The most appropriate time to start practicing these exercises is determined by the specialist doctor.

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