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Liposuction Operations in Istanbul

The low prices for liposuction operations in Istanbul are the reason for the spread of medical tourism, because it offers prices 40 to 70% lower than other prices in Europe while maintaining the same efficiency. Prices start at $2,000 for laser liposuction in one area, but in the case of liposuction in three areas, such as the abdomen, middle, and buttocks, it increases slightly. The cost of liposuction from different areas of the body is approximately $3,500, which makes the prices for liposuction operations in Istanbul cheaper for all areas of the body, compared to the prices for liposuction operations for only one area of the body. Perhaps liposuction in Istanbul is limited to performing the procedure, but it is a symbol of medical tourism in the eyes of the whole world, as the hospital is responsible for organizing the trip as a whole. In the case of large groups, individuals, or families, a place for accommodation, transportation, tourist trips, and translators is prepared from arrival to the airport until departure from Istanbul. It is a service that saves the trouble of managing living and accommodation in Istanbul. More than half of the visitors to hospitals in Istanbul are foreign patients. Annual reports indicate that more than 700,000 tourists visit for treatment, as Turkey competes in the field of cosmetic and complementary medicine and in the field of liposuction and hair transplantation in particular.

As with any major surgery, liposuction surgery has risks such as bleeding and reaction to anesthesia. Complications related to liposuction include the following: First: problems with the figure. The skin appears blistered or rippled due to uneven fat removal, poor skin elasticity, and unusual healing. Sometimes the changes are permanent. Damage under the skin resulting from the thin tube (cannula) used during liposuction causes permanent spots to appear on the skin. Also, fluid accumulation. Temporary pockets of fluid form under the skin. Numbness is also a problem that causes temporary nerve irritation. In addition, skin infections are rare but possible and potentially life-threatening. In rare cases, a cannula that penetrates too deeply causes a perforation in the internal organ and requires emergency surgical repair. Then fat embolism, where fragments of fat separate, collect in the lungs or move to the brain. Also kidney and heart problems. It leads to shifts in fluid levels that occur as a result of fluid injections, while fluid aspiration leads to heart, lung, and kidney problems, which are potentially life-threatening. The risk of complications increases in liposuction operations if the surgeon works on larger areas of the body or performs many medical procedures during the same operation. Talk to the best doctors at Class Hair Center about how you are exposed to these risks.

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