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Orthopedic Doctor in Istanbul

There are a large number of medical specialties that we need in our daily lives. The study of orthopedics is one of the most important complex medical specialties that deal with the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, and tendons. Orthopedics has also developed to include orthopedic treatment of children who They suffer from spinal deformities, so many students join this department because of its great benefits. Orthopedic doctors in Istanbul can treat all problems of the skeletal and muscular system using injury diagnosis, treatment with exercise, medication, and surgery, as well as rehabilitation and physical therapy. They are also interested in prevention by increasing awareness and developing therapeutic programs to prevent infection. The orthopedic specialty focuses on All aspects that include the skeleton and muscular system, and they specialize in many areas such as the ankle, foot, spine, and knee, and may focus on pediatrics, sports medicine, and trauma.

Orthopedic surgery in Istanbul is one of the most famous surgeries in Istanbul, and most patients resort to it in order to avoid the medications used to treat bones, which consist of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, because their abundance causes stomach problems. Among these surgeries are to treat joint pain. Posterior dislocation of the hip joint, curvature of the spine, clubfoot, polio deformities, treatment of knee roughness, correction and modification of congenital deformities in children, treatment of fractures and dislocations, treatment of bone tumors, bone implantation, installation of prosthetic limbs, and physical therapy. One of the most specialized departments of orthopedics in Istanbul is joint medicine, which includes branches, whether in the elbow or knees, as well as the spine. There are many doctors with experience in orthopedic surgery in Istanbul.

The specialty of orthopedic surgery in Istanbul is considered compared to other surgical fields, the age at which you start training is much older, and orthopedic surgery is a three-year training course like other surgeries, but it is less than surgery of the digestive system, heart, and nerves, and it is not less than Six years. The money earned is higher than the effort expended, and the risk to the patient’s life is much lower compared to other departments, such as cardiology, neurology, and internal medicine. Its disadvantages include higher education for the orthopedic doctor in less time, and the pressures are higher on the surgeon. Therefore, emergency cases must be attended, so the orthopedic doctor must be present at any time. Day and night on duty. The orthopedic doctor's margin of error is smaller than any specialty and he can easily evaluate the results on x-rays.

There is a specialization in hand, palm, and elbow surgery, which is the most common in orthopedic surgery and traumatology. Examples include knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, and shoulder joint replacement surgery.The role of the orthopedic and trauma surgeon is concerned with diagnosing and treating the musculoskeletal system that requires surgery in > Sometimes it helps the patient recover and also treats many spinal cord problems, bone injuries, fractures, and head trauma. Knee replacement surgery is performed, which is considered one of the most exploited joints in the body. It may sustain some damage that cannot be repaired, so the surgeon resorts to replacing the knee completely or partially with an artificial component. Hip replacement surgery results from damage to the hip cartilage over time after any trauma and the partial hip joint is replaced. Shoulder replacement surgery is a popular procedure performed when the shoulder is damaged due to trauma or constant stress. Here is what is known as knee replacement without surgery. This is done using stem cells to replace the joint, which is a type of non-surgical procedure to replace the knee through the use of autologous transplantation technology through fetal stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or from fatty tissue, and they are treated and injected immediately into the Injured knee. An orthopedic doctor in Istanbul can work in a hospital, medical institutions, or health centers, whether in the public sector or the private sector. The possibility of self-employment in the field of orthopedics, such as opening a private clinic, working in sports clubs, working in the teaching profession at universities, employment as an orthopedic surgeon consultant, working in... Physiotherapy, working in the field of scientific research in order to search for new infections and diseases in the world and discover the best modern treatment methods.

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