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Robotic Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

When talking about the basics of beauty in our current era, we cannot ignore the great role that hair plays, as it has become today one of the elements that most distinguishes men and women alike, and people who suffer from hair loss and baldness rush to solutions that help them maintain their hair. Naturally, in the beginning, before the development of medicine, treatment with natural herbs and other treatments spread until sprays and laboratory medications appeared. These medications sometimes helped reduce hair loss, but they were not a completely effective treatment, which called for the development of treatment until doctors and experts arrived at hair transplantation. The matter began traditionally by performing some transplant operations, but that was not enough until medicine began to develop and hair transplantation techniques also began to develop in keeping with modern medicine, until we have in our hands today many very modern hair transplantation techniques, including robotic hair transplantation, and entered the city. Istanbul is strong in the field of hair transplantation, to the point that it has become one of the leading cities in this field in the world, and Robot hair transplantation in Istanbul has become one of the transplants that people come from all over the world to do.

What is robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul?

Today, robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul is considered one of the most modern technologies, and one of the most successful in overcoming the problems of hair loss and baldness. Robot hair transplantation in Istanbul is considered to have good and accurate results if we compare it with the rest of the traditional transplantation techniques. the hair. Although doctors have excelled in the field of hair transplantation, sometimes small, common mistakes may occur. Although they are small mistakes, doctors and experts, in their quest for perfection in this field, tried to come up with a technique that would help them avoid these mistakes until they arrived at a technique. Robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul. Doctors came up with robotic hair transplantation technology in Istanbul mainly to combine the two steps of extraction from the donor area and to prepare for its transplantation in the recipient area, which provided the treating doctors with extreme precision in the work. What distinguishes the robotic hair transplantation technique in Istanbul from traditional methods is that the openings that are made to receive the follicles in the recipient area and collect the follicles from the donor area are made automatically by the robot, and this is what helped doctors avoid the mistakes that sometimes occurred.

Steps for robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul

After the patient chooses the center where he will undergo the robot hair transplantation procedure in Istanbul, he will be examined by the doctor to determine the area from which the follicles will be taken and determine the area in which they will be planted. The scalp will then be injected into the donor area with local anesthesia to avoid any pain. Then the doctor will place a piece of the device called the specific frame over the donor area. The role of this machine is to stabilize the skin and control the robotic arm that will perform the extraction process. The role of the robotic arm will come after that. He examines the donor area to determine the appropriate follicles for extraction after it takes its place over the area specified by the specific frame. The robotic arm then attracts the appropriate follicles and then scans to determine the next area for extraction. After completing the robotic hair transplantation process in Istanbul, the treating physician changes the extraction tool to the tool responsible for opening the channels in the area receiving the transplant.

Features of robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul by country. Medical centers in Istanbul work to facilitate reservation, accommodation, and arrival in Istanbul. Medical centers take care of the patient from his arrival in Istanbul until his departure. Hotel reservations are provided according to the patient’s choice, and transport vehicles and a translator are provided to facilitate the patient’s life during Its presence in Istanbul reduces the prices of Robot hair transplantation in Istanbul with the provision of highly experienced doctors and great quality of work. Istanbul is considered one of the most important cities in the world in terms of medical tourism because it contains many historical monuments and tourist attractions. p>

Features of robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul Robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul does not require advanced surgical intervention as it does not require cosmetic medical stitches. Robot hair transplantation in Istanbul does not leave any scars or wounds in the donor or recipient area. Hair transplantation robot in Istanbul gives faster speed to complete the procedure. Results of robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul Robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul gives a natural appearance to the transplanted hair, and the transplanted follicles are not affected by hair loss factors affecting the area in which they were transplanted, because the follicles actually originated in another area, and this allows for the continuation of hair growth without running into problems after transplantation. Robot hair in Istanbul The full hair results after a robot hair transplant in Istanbul can be observed on average between 6 to 9 months after the robot hair transplant in Istanbul. The recovery period after robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul. Robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul is not considered a serious operation because it does not require cosmetic stitches like the strip hair transplantation technique. The patient may notice that there are some very small wounds after robotic hair transplantation in Istanbul, and this is considered completely normal. These tiny wounds will disappear a few days after robot hair transplantation in Istanbul and will not form any scars. On this basis, the patient after undergoing a robotic hair transplant in Istanbul can return to his normal life a few days after the procedure.

The best robotic hair transplant center in Istanbul?

When making the decision to perform a hair transplant operation, the patient must look for a center that has modern equipment and doctors with experience and high efficiency in work. On this basis, we will advise you on the CLASS HAIR Medical Center because of its doctors’ efficiency and quality of work and what is known about the center. The modernity of its techniques. For inquiries and to obtain a free consultation, please leave your phone number so that we can contact you immediately.

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