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Scoliosis Operation

Scoliosis, or as it is commonly called scoliosis, is a pathological condition that affects the spine. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that occurs somewhat rarely. Scoliosis occurs in children before puberty most of the time, and scoliosis occurs in about 3%. Among adolescents, there is no known cause for the occurrence of scoliosis in general, except that it can occur due to cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

Scoliosis is considered a fairly common condition, as it occurs in the human spine, and since the spine is a sensitive area, its treatment and operations require precision, experience, and some professionalism. Scoliosis surgery can be performed in some countries and cities that are medically and therapeutically advanced, and performing a scoliosis surgery in Istanbul is considered a good and safe option. On the health level and on the financial level at the same time, as the scoliosis surgery in Istanbul is of high professionalism, high quality, and is distinguished by its safety. Despite the presence of some medically advanced countries such as the United States, Germany, and others, the best of them is the scoliosis surgery in Istanbul. What distinguishes the operation most Scoliosis in Istanbul is its low prices compared to the rest of the country, such as the American states and others. Although it is difficult to determine the prices of the scoliosis operation due to its differences depending on the condition and the extent of its progress, we can give an ideal picture of the large difference in price. For example, the minimum prices for the scoliosis operation in Istanbul may It is about 5,900 US dollars and may reach 29,000 US dollars, while in the United States of America, prices for a scoliosis operation may start from 100,000 and may reach 250,000 US dollars, and the quality and professionalism between the scoliosis operation in Istanbul and the scoliosis operation in this developed country are the same.

Scoliosis surgery in Istanbul First, as we mentioned previously, scoliosis often appears in children before puberty, and if a case of scoliosis is found in children before they reach the age of five, it may affect them negatively, as scoliosis at this age may affect the lungs if it is not treated. The greater the degree of curvature in the spine, the greater the impact. Scoliosis may cause shortness of breath and may even affect the heart, causing it to stop. After the age of five, the effect of scoliosis on the lungs and heart decreases, but if the curvature increases to more than 100 degrees in the spine then The effect may return.

Scoliosis surgery in Istanbul can be performed in advanced medical centers and hospitals such as Class Hair Medical Center, as the scoliosis surgery in Istanbul requires high precision and experience due to the sensitivity of the area in the spine. At the beginning of the scoliosis surgery in Istanbul, the patient will be anesthetized with general anesthesia to avoid any pain. After anesthesia is performed, the doctor will make a surgical incision in the middle of the back above the spine to be able to reach it, where the muscles that separate the skin and the spine are displaced. After working on the surgical incision and muscles, the doctor will install specialized metal screws inside the vertebrae, and the responsible doctor will By connecting these screws to each other using rods made of titanium metal, the doctor tightens these rods and screws on each other to restore the spine to its straightness and to its natural shape. During the operation, advanced medical equipment will be used to monitor the patient’s condition during the operation to protect the nerves and ensure the integrity of the signals. Electrical transmission through the spinal cord between the brain and the rest of the body to ensure that everything is going well.

Scoliosis surgery in Istanbul lasts on average between 4 hours and 10 hours, and this large difference in time is due to the patient’s condition and the extent of the deviation. Advantages of having a scoliosis operation in Istanbul There are many factors that make the scoliosis operation in Istanbul a more special procedure than in the rest of the country, and among the most important of these factors are: The success rate of the scoliosis operation in Istanbul is considered large compared to its success in the rest of the country. Scoliosis surgery prices in Istanbul are lower than the rest of the country. Turkey is considered an easy country to reach, and it is easy for one to obtain an entry visa to it. Medical centers and hospitals in Istanbul contain doctors with high experience and qualifications. Medical centers in Istanbul provide many services and facilities to their clients in terms of hotel reservations in the most luxurious hotels, securing transportation vehicles, translators, and companions. For more details about scoliosis surgery in Istanbul and to obtain a free medical consultation, please leave your phone numbers so that we can contact you immediately.

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