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Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis, or scoliosis, is a pathological medical condition that affects the vertebrae in the spine and causes them to deviate from their known natural shape. Sometimes scoliosis may affect people who suffer from it negatively, and in most cases scoliosis occurs in children before they reach adolescence. , as scoliosis affects 3% of children, and if the scoliosis occurs before reaching the age of five, its impact may be greater on the child affected by it. If it increases slightly, it may cause some problems in the lungs such as shortness of breath and others, and if the degree of deviation exceeds the safe limit, he may lose his hand. It leads to damage to the heart muscle, and sometimes the condition may be so bad that the heart stops working, while at the age after five, it does not affect the child affected to this degree to this degree, but if the percentage of deviation exceeds 10 degrees, it may lead to bad complications.

Treatment of scoliosis: Due to the sensitive condition of scoliosis, its treatment requires precision and high experience. Scoliosis treatment is famous in Istanbul thanks to the high experience of doctors in this city and thanks to the great medical development that has occurred in recent years. At the beginning of scoliosis treatment in Istanbul, the doctor in charge will diagnose the patient’s condition, and will conduct a comprehensive clinical examination in addition to some laboratory tests that he will request, and an inquiry will be made about the patient’s developmental stage in childhood, as the doctor responsible for the treatment must be familiar with all the details related to it. With the patient, a physical examination will also be performed for the patient. The doctor will ask him to perform some motor tests such as standing, bending, and relaxing the hands so that he can check the condition of the patient’s rib cage and to ensure that one limb is more prominent than the other. The condition of the muscles and their strength will also be checked to ensure the presence of reflexes. An abnormal act, and some tests, x-rays, and axial tomography will be performed to confirm the progress of the scoliosis condition and the degree of deviation in the spine.

After diagnosis and treatment for scoliosis in Istanbul, treatment methods will be determined according to what the diagnosis revealed and according to the progress of the condition and how bad it is. For example, there are children who do not suffer from a significant curvature and the degree of their curvature is mild. They do not need to undergo scoliosis treatment in Istanbul, but they must be monitored closely. It is continuous and they must undergo periodic examinations to ensure that their condition is not progressing. Methods of treating scoliosis in Istanbul< In most cases of scoliosis, the condition may be simple and a comprehensive treatment must not be performed for it. Rather, periodic examinations must be performed for them every six months to ensure that there is no worsening of the condition. There are some factors that determine the start of scoliosis treatment in Istanbul and the treatment method that must be followed, and the most important of these factors is: the extent of the curvature occurring in the spine. The type of patient is male or female, as scoliosis in females has a greater risk of worsening than in males. In scoliosis, the spine is often deviated into an S-shape and therefore must be treated before the deviation increases. The greater the deviation, the more treatment is necessary. There are two main types of scoliosis treatment in Istanbul:

Medical supports: The medical belt is the non-surgical solution for treating scoliosis in Istanbul. This type is used to treat scoliosis in Istanbul for specific cases only. In the case of scoliosis that is not very advanced in children who are still within the bone growth stage, medical supports are used to treat scoliosis. In Istanbul, medical braces do not treat scoliosis and do not return the spine to its original shape, but they only prevent the deviation from increasing, prevent the condition from worsening, and keep it as it is. Medical braces must be worn for 14 to 16 hours a day, and children can wear these plastic braces until they reach the age of six. Ten on average, and we can say on average because of the difference in bone growth between one person and another. Surgery: The condition of scoliosis may worsen over time, which leaves no other option but to resort to surgical surgery. Scoliosis in Istanbul is treated with surgery only in advanced cases, and we can divide the surgical work to treat scoliosis in Istanbul into three sections or three types of surgery. Surgical illusion: Treating scoliosis in Istanbul with fusion of the vertebrae: Scoliosis in Istanbul is treated in this way by connecting two or more bones to each other, where bone-like screws are used and are placed in the vertebrae and are connected to each other by means of metal ladders to enhance the straightening of the vertebrae that suffer from tilting. .

Treatment of scoliosis in Istanbul using expansion rods: The expansion rod technique is used in the event that the condition of scoliosis worsens at an early age and rapidly. These rods are considered expandable and adaptable to the vertebrae in the spine. These rods are extended every 6 months by surgery or using a device. It is controlled remotely. Vertebral body ligation: This technique is used to treat scoliosis in Istanbul by making small openings directly above the spine and titanium screws are placed over the slanted area of the spine to be tightened to straighten the spine and continue to be straight as the child grows.

Advantages of scoliosis treatment in Istanbul There are many factors that make scoliosis treatment in Istanbul a more distinguished procedure than in other cities and countries, and among the most important of these factors are: The success rate of scoliosis treatment in Istanbul is considered high relative to its success in other cities. Scoliosis treatment prices in Istanbul are lower than other cities. Turkey is considered an easy country to reach, and it is easy for one to obtain an entry visa to it. Medical centers and hospitals in Istanbul contain doctors with high experience and qualifications. Medical centers in Istanbul provide many services and facilities to their clients in terms of hotel reservations in the most luxurious hotels, securing transportation vehicles, translators, and companions. For more details about scoliosis treatment in Istanbul and to obtain a free medical consultation, please leave your phone numbers so that we can contact you immediately.

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