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Strabismus Treatment in Istanbul Turkey

Strabismus is considered one of the eye problems that is quite widespread, especially in children in the early age. Many believe that treating strabismus is difficult, but this is the opposite of the truth, as doctors, thanks to the great medical development and medical breakthroughs that have occurred, have acquired advanced medical techniques and tools that help them. We must solve this problem and perform a strabismus surgery to get rid of it, especially if the condition of strabismus is diagnosed early, then performing the strabismus surgery and getting rid of it becomes easier. Strabismus is not only considered a health problem, but it is also considered an aesthetic problem, as it makes the appearance of the eyes unattractive and inconsistent. Strabismus can affect one eye or both eyes, and strabismus may be caused by a deviation of the pupil to the right or to the left, and it may be The reason for the occurrence of strabismus is the weakness of the muscles surrounding the eye or due to damage to the nerves responsible for the movement of these muscles. When strabismus occurs and the cause is determined, the doctor works to treat the strabismus by performing a strabismus surgery for the eye, and the doctor uses a technique called femto laser technology to fix the strabismus problem. He resorts to prescribing medical glasses to help treat the defect and strabismus caused by poor vision.

Before the strabismus surgery Before the strabismus surgery is performed, some necessary tests are performed to determine the condition of the strabismus and the extent of its progress. The most important of these tests are: The fundus of the eye is examined. A careful examination of vision is performed, a mapping of the surface of the cornea and an eye print examination are performed. Steps of the strabismus surgery > Local anesthesia is performed on the patient’s eye, which is often performed with a special drop containing an anesthetic or an intravenous anesthetic. This is the case for adults. As for young children, general anesthesia is often used, and the doctor is careful to keep the eye open during Performing a strabismus surgery, after which the doctor controls the muscles around the eye that control the pupil and separates it from its current place to reposition it and connect it to its correct place and works to stabilize it with medical stitches so that it takes its natural place again and for the pupil to return to the center of the eye and to get rid of strabismus.

After the strabismus surgery is completed, patients can graduate from the hospital on the same day that the strabismus surgery was performed for both children and adults, and children can return to their normal lives and return to school after at least 4 days. As for adults, they can return to their normal lives only two days after the operation, and it is normal for the patient to feel in the first three days after the operation the presence of redness and swelling in the eye, and this does not cause concern, only the patient must adhere to the treatment and the medicinal drops that The doctor prescribed it for him. It is possible for the patient to have poor vision and blurriness for a period of up to a week after the operation, and then begin to improve gradually. The period necessary for complete recovery may continue for several consecutive weeks after the strabismus operation, and the patient must adhere to Follow the doctor’s full instructions to obtain the best result of the operation and to recover faster. Complications resulting from strabismus surgery. Squint surgery is considered a simple and uncomplicated operation with a high success rate. However, some complications of the operation are rare, and the most prominent of these complications are: the eye may become inflamed and the occurrence of abscesses and bags around the eye. You may claim the need for another operation. The muscles surrounding the eye can slip out of their attachment. You may need to wear glasses all the time. For more details about the strabismus procedure and to obtain a free medical consultation, please leave your phone numbers so that we can contact you immediately.

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