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The Best Hair Transplant Centers in Istanbul

Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, has become a prominent center in the field of medical tourism, which annually attracts thousands and millions of people from different countries of the world. Among all cosmetic operations, hair transplant operations take a very important place. Because of the large number of hair transplant centers in Istanbul, people have become confused and are looking for the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul in order to get the best results with high density and a very natural appearance. In our article, we will address this aspect so that we can help you search for the best hair transplant centers in Istanbul. There are several factors through which we can determine the best hair transplant center in Istanbul, such as the number of successful operations that took place in this center, the medical experience in the hospital and the doctor who will supervise your case, the quality of services in the hospital, and the opinions of previous patients regarding the results of their operations. Class Hair Clinic has received many positive opinions from patients from all over the world because we are well aware of the patient’s need for what is best and therefore we always strive to achieve all standards and specifications that give customers confidence and because we believe that hair transplantation is a very important cosmetic operation in restoring the soul. And to get rid of the problem of hair loss or baldness permanently. The cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul: Hair transplantation in Istanbul depends on many things such as: The number of follicles that will be transplanted to the patient The extent of the service provided by the clinic or hospital for hair transplantation in Istanbul The experience of the doctor supervising the hair transplantation operations in Istanbul The technique that will be used for Get the best results and we here at our Class Hair Clinic have the best medical staff with long experience. The basic stages of hair transplantation in Istanbul:

Preparing the patient for hair transplantation operations by shaving his hair and washing the scalp well. The scalp was injected with local anesthetic so that the patient would not feel pain during the hair transplantation procedure. Abducting hair follicles from the donor area with extreme caution. Keeping the extracted hair follicles in a special solution in order to keep them intact and healthy. Opening channels in the area where there are made or voids in order to facilitate the hair transplantation process there according to the technique used. Transplanting hair follicles in the area where the channels were opened. This process requires high experience and skill to be successful. I would like to emphasize that in our clinic we use the best and latest approved medical technologies in the field of hair transplantation in Istanbul, in addition to possessing the technical skills and qualifications that help in planning the hair transplantation process and determining the front line according to the shape of the face so that the aesthetic appearance is not affected after the hair transplantation process. We also guarantee you Successful operations and no hair loss after transplantation for life. Thus, we can confirm that Istanbul is the city and the first destination for all people who are thinking about hair transplantation, due to the quality of cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant surgeries in particular compared to the cost, which is high in European countries and low in Istanbul compared to the high quality and result that is considered one of the best transplant results. Hair in the world, so if you want to get a natural result and high density, you should contact us at our Class Hair clinic to get a free consultation and to know the best technique for hair transplantation in Istanbul and how suitable it is for your condition.

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