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Tube Stomach Surgery in Istanbul

It includes stomach surgery for several purposes, such as removing cancerous tumors, gastric sleeve surgery, and tube stomach surgery in Istanbul to reduce the stomach in the shape of a tube. Stomach surgery involves removing cancerous tumors and some surrounding tissues for treatment and recovery from benign or malignant stomach tumors. People are exposed to the risk of bleeding, or the occurrence of some complications such as blood clots, exposure to damage to neighboring organs during the operation, and the possibility of leakage from the new connections that are made between the end of the stomach and the esophagus. And the small intestine in rare cases, and side effects occur when eating after the operation: nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. The steps of surgery to remove stomach tumors are in the early stage after anesthesia. The doctor inserts a flexible tube called an endoscope through the patient’s mouth, then the endoscope is passed to the affected area, and then all cancerous tissue is removed with special tools through the endoscope. In the case of partial resection of the affected stomach, the lymph nodes and fatty tissue are removed to ensure the congestion of all types of cancer. If the stomach is completely removed because the surrounding lymph nodes and fatty tissue are affected by cancer, they are removed, and the medical team resorts to connecting the esophagus to the intestine and prepares a new bag of intestine to replace the stomach for more effective digestion.

Tube stomach surgery It allows a large part of the stomach to be surgically cut out so that the remaining part becomes a much smaller tube to reduce the size of the stomach and make the patient feel full and lose weight more quickly. The patient must be older than 18 years, and it is determined according to the patient’s physical performance by calculating the body mass index to determine eligibility for gastric bypass surgery. The index must be higher than 40% of the body mass, and the risk of leakage after surgery must be known. Tube stomach surgery in Istanbul, most of the stomach is cut out and the remaining stomach wall is reconnected with special staples so that the stomach contents do not leak into the abdominal cavity from the area of the staples. To avoid this, the stomach is inflated with methylene blue liquid to verify that it is not leaking and to ensure this and avoid the risk of it occurring. Then Hoses are placed in the abdomen to control leakage and bleeding and are removed on the third or fourth day.

It aims to lose weight because after the operation, the size of the stomach tube changes, so it is filled with smaller meals and thus loses weight. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy, balanced diet to avoid the problem in nutrition. The gastric sleeve in Istanbul at Class Hair Hospital is performed either surgically or laparoscopically, whether the total or partial part is removed, and surgical sleeve is performed for those who suffer from an excessively high body mass index of more than 55 to treat excessive obesity that It affects a person's health, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Gastric sleeve surgery gives the patient a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and an incentive to carry out vital tasks. It also has a positive effect on people with heart disease, high blood pressure, those who suffer from high fat, those who suffer from respiratory arrest and suffocation during sleep, and type 2 diabetes. It protects against stroke. Steps for the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedure inIstanbul At Class Hair Hospital, the surgeon isolates more than half of the stomach longitudinally using a surgical stapler and then removes it so that the shape of the stomach becomes like a relatively thin tube to reduce the amount of food that enters the stomach. The rest is called the sleeved stomach. After anesthetizing the patient, openings are made. Small, about3 cm each, and surgical tools are inserted through it with a camera to improve vision during the operation. Follow-up is done through an electronic screen, and the abdominal cavity is inflated with inert carbon dioxide gas after isolating the largest part of the stomach longitudinally, taking about two hours, removing the outer curve of your stomach called the bottom. The stomach, take it out, then close the wounds in the stomach.

After the gastric sleeve surgery, the patient is committed to eating low-fat, sugar-free food, fat-free protein sources, and non-fibrous vegetables. He is advised to use a blender to mash the food and learn to differentiate between physical hunger and appetite. Avoid overeating so as not to stretch the stomach. Chew food slowly. E. Avoid dehydration by drinking water, eating foods that contain vitamins and nutritional supplements, and avoiding drinking alcohol. Istanbul has the necessary technologies in a distinctive way that makes everyone choose Istanbul as a good place for practical residence, the presence of a moderate and appropriate cost in proportion to the quality of distinguished doctors, as well as providing the necessary follow-up and attention to analyzes and confirmatory examinations and facilitating all services.

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