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Eyebrow Transplantation

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What is eyebrow transplantation and how it is performed ?

Eyebrow transplantion is done by extracting the follicles one by one from the donor area by robot or by a Micromotor device after anesthetizing the recipient area with some special material. Class Hair has made many eyebrow transplants drawing, remodeling and satisfying its patients especially women who needed perfect eyebrows in simple and painless techniques. In case of accidents that affect the eyebrows look or leave a significant effect on them ,no matter what they seek as make up , dyes to hide those negative effects on the external appearance so the best solution remains is to transplant the eyebrows in Class Hair.

Since choosing the shape of the eyebrows is important for the patient , ClassHair Doctor will ask the person about his desired density and thickness of the his transplanted eyebrows therefore, a lot of attention must be paid to the size of the eyebrows because the thick eyebrows can be formed later as per person's needs. While re shaping the thin eyebrows will be very difficult later.

The eyebrow transplant operation is painless and a local anesthesia technique is used for patient's comfort, the operation takes about two hours with a guarantee from our hospital that no side effects will appear such as swelling or skin allergies the bandage will be changed in two days after the operation while a slight redness will appear in a week after the operation , just with changing the bandage you will get a natural eyebrows , the process will not affect your daily life since it is just enough to give us two hours of your day and within seven days you will get the look that you always wanted.

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eyebrow transplantation
eyebrow transplantation
eyebrow transplantation
eyebrow transplantation

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