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Planting Eyelashes

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What is eyelash transplantation and how is it done?

Eyelash is an essential beauty and attractive part of the face, and it can be corrected with medical transplant operation using some special tools similar to the make-up tools and this is achieved by specialist surgeons and nurses. The process takes about two hours and without any side effects and is completely painless because of the local anesthesia. The healing time is only 3 days.

Individual roots will be taken from the hairy areas to be implanted in the empty eyelashes area, attention will be paid to the fact that the thin hair grafts will be picked from the donor area because thin hair will be the best that suit eyelashs. The method of operation is done first by extracting with micromotor and then implanting with surgical instruments. For the best appearance of for natural eyelashes look proper implantation is required, one by one with precision and perfection. It takes about 4 or 6 months to get the natural look of the eyelashes after the operation.

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planting eyelashes
planting eyelashes
planting eyelashes
planting eyelashes

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