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Dental Aesthetics

What is the plastic dentistry and how is it applied?
Having a healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is an unmatched plastic surgery. We welcome you to our special dental hospital located in Istanbul Bakirkoy, which is a seven-floors building which includes plastic surgery, dental implants, everything related dental and jaw treatment. The competent medical staff treats all your problems very carefully and accurately.

To obtain strong, bright white teeth, The Veneer and crown are the ideal solution according to your treatment plan as well as useful in covering all blanks and warp teeth and problems. For healthy teeth and attractive smile and for more Contact us and get free medical advice from one of our medical staff.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people nowadays tend to take care of their teeth, and their main concern is to have white teeth that are perfectly lined. But what is cosmetic dentistry? How is it applied in dental clinics? In this article, let's learn about the details of cosmetic dentistry and what are its pros and cons? And when is it used? Cosmetic dentistry Cosmetic dentistry aims to permanently increase the whiteness of the teeth and improve the appearance and shape of the teeth by placing veneer scales on the teeth from the front side. Veneers are made of porcelain and are able to resist the appearance of stains to give a more natural smile. When do we resort to cosmetic dentistry Cosmetic dentistry It is performed in most cases for cosmetic purposes and most celebrities and artists undergo it for this purpose, but it can treat some dental problems such as:
- Teeth stained with some stains
- chipped teeth
- Uneven teeth in shape and size
- The presence of spaces between the teeth
The presence of cosmetic fillings and a change in the color of the teeth and they become different from their neighbors. The steps of dental aesthetics are summarized in the following stages:
1. Diagnosis and development of a treatment plan. The doctor explains to the patient the mechanism of cosmetic dentistry and what are its harms and benefits. The doctor also examines the teeth in case of problems.
2. Preparing the teeth At this stage, the doctor removes 0.5 millimeters from the thickness of the enamel layer, which is the distance at which the veneer scales will be placed. Then the doctor makes a sample of the crusts on the teeth and then sends them to the laboratory.
3. Testing and applying veneers Before the doctor puts the veneers completely, he will experiment on the teeth to ensure that they are suitable for the shape of the teeth in order to be able to refine them as required. Then the teeth are cleaned so that the veneers are finally placed by means of a special adhesive for this process, and in the end a special light is shone on the Peels to install it.
One of the most important advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry: It gives a more beautiful appearance to the teeth, and makes the teeth look white, which gives confidence in the smile. It protects the teeth from the accumulated stains, as the peels are resistant to pigmentation. And correcting some minor dental problems.
One of the most important disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry: scales cannot be removed, as they are permanent for life, and their cost is high because scales are expensive, and if scales are cracked, they are not repairable. The color of the crusts cannot change after being applied. The teeth can become sensitive to some hot foods and drinks. Also, after applying the crusts, the person should stay away from some bad habits that can cause the crusts to fall off: (biting nails, eating hard foods, opening cans with teeth, biting pens).
Cosmetic dentistry is one of the costly procedures in aesthetic medicine, and its costs vary based on the patient's condition and the type of veneers or lenses that will be installed. The reputation of the surgeon and the cosmetic center also determines a large part of the cost in general. Costs in Turkey can be from From 750 dollars, while in the Gulf countries and Europe it is as high as 1000 dollars. Tips for Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers last for about 5-10 years and then they are replaced Veneers need care and attention to brushing teeth and using regular mouthwash Beverages that cause stains such as coffee and tea should be reduced before deciding to have Dental aesthetics should be done Consulting the doctor about the results of the operation and its effectiveness, and choosing a surgeon with previous experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

We may find that a person's appearance changes completely when he loses part of his teeth or even his entire teeth, and when he performs a plastic surgery in Turkey, the shape of his face becomes more beautiful, and multiple dental problems such as color change, pigmentation or tooth decay may make the teeth a burden On its owner, the patient searches for cosmetic dentistry in Turkey to get rid of the problems he suffers from forever. How can a patient with dental problems undergo cosmetic dentistry in Turkey? The patient must visit a dental specialist to consult him about Dental Surgery Turkey with a Hollywood smile, and whether it is suitable for the patient or not, as the specialist is more familiar with the patient's dental condition and whether it will be suitable for a plastic surgery in Turkey Or should initial treatment be given first? The patient must visit the doctor again in order to take the appropriate measurements for the veneers and then install them in the same visit or in the next visit. What are Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey Most patients who suffer from dental problems tend to beautify the teeth in Turkey with the help of a Hollywood smile, by placing veneer scales that are very thin on the front side of the teeth, as these scales work to beautify the teeth Turkey, because it changes the shape, color, and length of the teeth in proportion to the shape of the jaw, so that the teeth look very consistent and proportional to the shape of the face. - Making teeth white and shiny permanently
- Improving the shape of the teeth and increasing their consistency
- Improving the shape of the face in general and increasing the symmetry of the features
How a Hollywood smile is made for Cosmetic dentistry Turkey The basic rule in cosmetic dentistry Turkey is veneer scales placed on the front of the tooth, and these scales are made of Porcelain because it is more resistant to stains, and the shape and color of porcelain are very close to the shape and color of the natural tooth, which gives the teeth a natural, non-artificial appearance, so the cosmetic dentistry process in Turkey is thus natural and shiny. Who are the people who need cosmetic dentistry Turkey? Most of the time, the purpose of performing cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is with a cosmetic Hollywood smile only, so the person resorts to it to beautify and improve the shape of the teeth, make their color whiter and brighter, and change the shape of his teeth and make them more consistent, but there may be therapeutic goals from cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, so he can resort to The patient to cosmetic dentistry Turkey in order to get rid of some dental problems such as:
- chipped teeth
- The spaces between the teeth
Slanted, misaligned and misaligned teeth
- Pigmented teeth that change color and contain lots of stains
- Teeth that have cosmetic fillings in a large and clear way, and their shape and color have changed and become inconsistent.
What are the advantages of Cosmetic dentistry Turkey Turkey with a Hollywood smile? Cosmetic dentistry Turkey with a Hollywood smile in particular has many positives as well as many negatives. We will start by mentioning the most important positive points for cosmetic dentistry Turkey:
- It provides a more beautiful natural view of the teeth, as the color and composition of the scales is closer to the natural one.
- Protects teeth from various stains, thus remaining white and shiny for a long period of time, as porcelain veneers are resistant to pigmentation.
It helps to get a more beautiful smile while correcting some of the aforementioned dental problems easily and away from pain, as cosmetic dentistry Turkey does not need to perform any work that would cause pain to the patient. What are the disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry Turkey with a Hollywood smile? Creating a beautiful and bright smile is not without some drawbacks that may have a mild effect on the patient, but they must be mentioned in order to take the necessary precautions:
It is not possible to remove scales and return to the teeth in their natural form without scales, due to the removal of the enamel layer from the teeth.
- Crusts are financially expensive, and their cost is not insignificant.
- The scales are not subject to repair if they are cracked.
Teeth may become more sensitive to hot or cold drinks and foods due to the removal of the enamel layer.
- The color of the crusts is not subject to change after applying them, so the appropriate color must be chosen accurately.
Crusts can fall off, so the person who placed them should break certain habits, such as: Biting nails Biting pens Cracking ice with teeth. Opening cans with teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul

Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul Everyone dreams of a bright white smile, but unfortunately it is difficult to obtain it by home methods, especially with the presence of several factors in our daily life, the most important of which is drinking strong and colored drinks, in addition to smoking and many other factors. With the appropriate Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul treatments that are tailored to your teeth only, it is possible to improve everything you don't like about the appearance of your smile. Treatments Offered by Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul offers a comprehensive list of treatments to ensure that there is always a solution to your unique aesthetic problems. Dental scales Dental veneers are made of very thin scales of porcelain or custom ceramic. The color, size and shape of each shell is customized. If you only get one or two veneers, they will fit over your surrounding teeth and blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. If you're creating a Hollywood smile and have upgraded all of your teeth, veneers will shape them into a beautiful new smile that looks natural and hides every imperfection, from chips to misalignments to stains and short teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul with Lumineers For patients who have concerns about traditional veneer invasion - a procedure that requires permanent removal of some of the tooth enamel to make room for porcelain shields - there are Lumineers. Lumineers are also thinner than veneers, so they can be cemented into place without altering natural teeth. Receiving this smile upgrade is convenient, fast, and reversible - if you finally want to make a change. Dental bonding When you have a damaged or unsightly-looking tooth but don't have the time, budget, or inclination to follow up with a dental crown or veneer, dental bonding can save the day. The non-surgical Dental Reconstruction in Istanbul procedure restores damaged teeth in form and function and takes only about 30 minutes per tooth to complete. Tooth-colored resin is carefully matched to its color and shape so it blends with your natural teeth, then hardens into place with a special light. Teeth Whitening Professional teeth whitening remains one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments because it is fast, effective, and effective. The powerful whitening products used by your dentist at Chandler make your tooth enamel multiple shades whiter, so even if your smile isn't straight and flawless, this brightening treatment will make it look amazing. Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul with composite fillings Tooth-colored composite fillings are one of Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul techniques and a versatile dental treatment that can do much more than just repair tooth decay. Composite fillings, which match the color of the patient's tooth enamel, can also be used to repair teeth with chips or slight erosion of the enamel. Tooth colored fillings are both a dental restoration and a cosmetic upgrade. Dental crowns Dental crowns are also referred to as caps. They are designed to cover problem teeth, such as those with cavities that are too large to be fixed with a composite filling, teeth that have had a root canal, or unsightly teeth that interrupt the appearance of your smile. All-porcelain crowns are customized to match the rest of your teeth, so the repair looks natural. Transparent Braces One of the newest cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul technology, the almost invisible way to straighten teeth, Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces. Adults are adopting this secret method of aligning their smile as it allows them to go about their daily lives without interruption. Invisalign is as responsible as any orthodontic treatment, but it works faster than qualified candidates' metal braces and is more comfortable to wear. finally. Change your appearance, your self-confidence, and your life with a smile through Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you look your best.