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Class Hair Turkey is a Specialized Hospital in Hair Transplantation

The largest hospital under the roof of the world, the most accredited in Turkey and in the Middle East, natural hair transplant experts, with a medical staff of more than 400 specialists, including doctors, nurses and medical advisors, Trained and accredited by World Health Organization.
Class Hair Hospital is working on the principle of developing Scientific Research, Where it made a big impact in modernizing hair transplantation techniques. To suit your trust and your satisfaction With Class Hair, doctors and technicians look to introduce the latest professional hair transplantation techniques, with an open hair transplant session in which as many follicles as possible will be transplanted for the highest density and coverage.

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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation; can be expressed as a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. Hair transplantation can be defined as Precision surgery performed in a hospital environment, The aim of this procedure is to perform hair transplantation with fewer interventions than hair transplant surgery. Hair transplantation is an effective and permanent treatment for people with the Andrew Jenny alopecia medically known as male hair loss. Otherwise, people with different hair scars or diseases can easily do this. Through the hair transplant process, you can get natural hair and before the hair transplant, it is possible to see the picture after hair transplant with the help of technology.

What is Hair Transplant?

What is hair transplantation? Resist baldness, chest, arm, leg and areas of the body, especially near the back of the head for hair follicles for men because they are less sensitive to DHT because they do not fall out easily., It is called hair transplantation. In hair transplantation the hair follicles are preferred at the back of the head, hair follicles are transplanted into the area suffering from baldness and are called hair transplantation. In recent years, due to the growing demand for hair transplantation, A large number of operations have been conducted and many advertisements have become widespread and are considered the gate of time. In hair transplantation, Doctors should use hair follicles containing 1-4 hair cells. Up to now, 60,000 people worldwide have performed hair transplantation. We continue to serve our valued customers in our seven branches of hospitals in seven different countries including Turkey. In general we can answer your question what is hair transplant as follows.

History of Hair Transplantation

In the 19th century, the surgical method was used to treat the scalp with surgery for the vaccine for bald areas Modern transportation technology was used in eyebrow and eyelash cultivation in Japan in the 1930s.This method is not used in hair transplantation. After World War II, the world was unaware of this work for decades. The first news of modern hair transplantation was heard in the 1950s when a New York dermatologist, Dermatolog Orentreıc, began to transplant hair on men. Before planting.The idea that hair could not grow like the original was widespread. However , Orentreich showed on his subjects that the hair had evolved and grown again and was permanent. 20 years Surgeons worked on hair pollen, but they did not work much. In the 1980s, Brazilian Uebel began to use small-scale hair transplantation, And he began to hear the way. The fact that it was popular in the beginning due to the Rassman method from the United States surgical precision transfer thousands of hair follicles and transplanted simultaneously. At the end of the 1980s, Examine the scalp Limmer using a three-dimensional microscope. In Japan, 1988, by Masumi Inaba FUE method that was first introduced began to find its place in the world of medicine, In 2002 Thanks to William R Rassman Robert M Bernstein Walked their way in the medical literature. In 2007 The automatic hair transplant method was developed by Dr Miquen G Canales Dr David Temelini as the basis of automatic hair transplantation called FUE method of hair transplantation. This is the history of hair transplantation.

Causes of hair loss

The causes of hair loss are very diverse. Stress, Sudden grief, imbalance and malnutrition, An unconscious diet, Bad weather, Pregnancy and Birth. For diseases are only a few of these causes caused by hair loss. The first thing to do to remove hair loss is to determine the cause of hair loss. When the cause of hair loss is understood, The method of treatment for hair loss can be easily determined. To determine this reason, we must first discuss with a specialist doctor.Traditional methods of treatment without consulting a doctor waste your time and money in vain and make the problem of hair loss worse. Under the care of a doctor, In order to be treated the cause is first identified and then Therapy the follicles.

First, the cause of hair loss is treated. Then , Hair follicles are fed and processed to ensure the healthy performance of hair growth and is called male type hair loss. Treatment is almost non-existent compared to other diseases. Unfortunately more than 80% of hereditary soy leads to permanent baldness. The most effective solution to hair loss in men is hair transplantation, Discovered in the very early stages, It can be treated with PRP where it nourishes stem cells and reduces hair loss or so-called hair pollen or hair grafting. As mentioned before, this type of hair loss will eventually lead to baldness and the definitive solution is hair transplantation.

What is the type of male hair loss?

It is the type of male hair loss caused by hereditary soy for people with constant baldness in the male hair loss family. Hair loss begins with a small opening in the top of the head at this Stage, The hair appears at the top of the patient on the last e of the top at the top with an opening in the front and ends with complete baldness. Hair care methods can be applied to prevent male hair loss. The success rate of hair care methods is generally high, But for new hair will not be possible, it will be delayed only because of baldness. Hair transplantation In cases of male hair loss at different times in certain areas a person can get new hair without any affect on its appearance. This type of hair loss can happen to women as well as men. In this case, women can also easily grow hair. Women will be more helpful than men because of non-shaving hair transplants.

How is hair transplanted?

Hair transplantation is performed by a team of doctors and nurses in the hospital environment, where the process takes about 4-8 hours, By moving the hair follicles from the donor area to the predetermined baldness area. How is hair transplanted? We will answer the question in detail. You will find detailed information on how to implant hair. Hair transplantation consists of 7 basic stages. How to grow hair?

  • Preparation for hair transplantation
  • Anesthesia before surgery
  • Assembling the follicles
  • Preparation of collected follicles for planting
  • Open channels
  • Planting follicles

Before performing a hair transplant, There are some responsibilities towards the patient in order to make the hair transplant easier and successful in the preparation phase of the hair transplant. considered first when deciding on the day of the operation, You must select a day where you can rest for at least 3 days. Snacks should be served on the day of operation and a light breakfast is served. After the operation, in order to prevent damage to the hair follicles planted on the operating day,You should prefer open or buttoned clothes that will be comfortable to wear. Please be punctual when you go to the hospital on time for you to hair transplant and do not be late. Your patient consultant will welcome you when you go to our hair transplant hospital.

Benefits of Hair Transplantation

Benefits of hair transplantation; the main motivation for people who want to perform a hair transplant is to get thick, healthy and soft hair.For this purpose, they choose from the best hair transplant centers to take advantage of the FUT and FUE hair transplant methods. People who are dissatisfied with their images when looking at the mirror who have lost their self-confidence and who are looking for a permanent solution after their hair transplantation testify that their lives have changed in many ways. In this section we will discuss the benefits of hair transplantation. You can try the benefits of hair transplantation if you suffer from hair loss and you are uncomfortable with thickening your hair.

Improved appearance after hair transplantation

It is undeniable the importance of the external appearance where healthy and thick hair. When we suffer from baldness we do not even love the shape of our hair and avoid to look at The mirror we do not want to look and we are dissatisfied with our outer shape. But after the hair transplant, We begin to come to terms with the mirrors and ourselves. We enjoy our new dense bright hair because of the follicles taken from the donor area and grown in the bald area, whether the front if the middle of the head or any specific area of the head, which is grown according to the case to be the result of hair thick, bright and healthy. We feel younger, more attractive and more glamorous. With this change, Our hair gained from our self-confidence. The impact of the increase in self-confidence is Notesd in every area of our lives.

Hair transplantation is a sure solution

It is known that hair masks and herbal remedies are cosmetic products believed to make hair thick and reduce hair loss, but it is not a definitive solution to the problem.Before hair loss when we apply these products can cause hair loss. However , There is no product to regrow lost hair again. If hair loss is done, This problem can only be overcome by hair transplantation. Your planning is done for patients who want to have hair transplant, The amount of hair to be planted is determined The quality of the hair follicles in the donor area is checked and the operations are performed in a way that does not leave a question mark.

The most natural results can be obtained by hair transplantation

People who have baldness problems when thinking about hair transplantation are afraid of changing their external shape and They believe that hair transplantation will be artificial and new appearances will appear. First we want to say that this is a misconception. Thanks to the development of hair transplantation techniques, the new hair is in perfect harmony with its appearance. No artificial or disturbing images occur. We can easily mention that one of the biggest advantages of hair transplantation is to achieve natural results.

Hair transplantation is done without pain

Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be implanted and the patient does not feel any discomfort or pain during the operation All procedures are completed in one or several sessions in line with the area to be transplanted, The patient has no problem if he / she is anxious in his daily life. Patients who follow the doctor's instructions and take proper care of the scalp can recover in a short time.

Hair transplantation offers a long-term cost advantage

People with hair loss use different products to make their hair healthier and more energetic. They may spend a large amount of money on these cosmetics or chemical products, Thinking that the hair will grow again. We must not forget that the number of people who are under the influence of misleading ads today is very high. When applying hair transplant methods, patients pay once and then apply only methods that everyone applies to improve hair health.They do not need to spend extra money and can prevent their spending on their hair once.

Choose the right choice for success

If you want to perform a hair transplant and the advantages of hair transplantation methods, you should carefully choose hair transplant specialists and hair transplant centers. Must take into account the standards of hygiene in the centers and previous achievements of experts. You should not rely on organizations that claim to have healthy and soft hair in a very short time.

Most interested in hair transplantation

When does hair come out after hair transplant? The issue of hair transplantation among patients is among the most curious. It is natural to wonder when the expected result will be obtained in hair transplantation. In hair transplantation, follicles are the shrub at every stage of the process. Therefore, the hair itself will appear after the first week after the operation. However, this result is not very healthy growth of hair. Treated roots should prepare for a healthier extension and prepare for new hair production. Therefore, the hair strands that appear primarily are broken due to the effect of exfoliation, called a sudden fall. New healthy hair strands begin to grow in the second month and after that it will be clear that these hairs are healthier and stronger than their roots. So , Patients should follow the period up to the second and sixth months to see the results of hair transplantation. From the sixth month, they will have the opportunity to observe a large part of the hair they gain through hair transplantation.

Is sexual relationship prohibited after hair transplant

Although the ban on sexual intercourse after hair transplantation seems meaningless and absurd in the first place, But it is very logical and necessary to get into the topic. People have some convulsions during intercourse in addition to Since sexual activity makes a lot of effort, the rate of blood flow is almost the maximum.This flow rate in the blood exerts pressure within the newly transplanted follicles. With increased blood flow and pressure,It's only a matter of time before the follicles move and break their links to the channels. Therefore, it is best to avoid sexual activity for one week after hair transplantation. If we look at another point of sexual intercourse after planting, there may be sweating during sexual activities. Sweating may also cause movement and slippage in the hair follicles. In addition, it is necessary to observe this prohibition precisely because there may be blows due to the movement of neglect or friction during sexual activities.

What happens after hair transplantation

The most important issue after hair transplantation is the subject of Blow the head. Blow the head in the first days of hair transplantation directly affects the result of hair transplantation. Grafts may be Displaced as a result of the effect. Graft damaged by any effect, disconnected from its channel Loses its vitality. In this case , It is absurd to wait for hair from dead stem cells. The retention time of grafts after hair transplant is 10-12 days. It is necessary to avoid any pressure and follicles which the follicles live almost freely and try to stick Especially in the early days after the operation. As a result of the bad coup event, it is not immediately possible to see the result. Especially in the early days after the operation. As a result of the bad coup event, it is not immediately possible to see the result. It is necessary to wait for at least 6 months to see the effect of the effect on the grafts.

What should be Observe it after hair transplant

What to consider after hair transplantation; the first bath can be done after hair transplantation on the second day. However, there should be no water contact with the planting area. Because the follicles are not yet suitable for washing. In order to bathe, patients can only bathe without washing their bodies, without touching their heads, and without carrying them long enough to create evaporation and moisture. But they can't wash their heads. Washing the first hair after hair transplantation should be done with great precision. it is recommended to do this in hair transplant centers where the grafts may be damaged during the wash, which should be performed on the third day after the procedure. You can contact us for more information. Patients who wish to enter the pool or sea after hair transplantation should wait for at least 10 days. Because of to the pressure caused by water and the damage caused by the baits when wet, it is not convenient to enter the pool and sea in the early days.During the first ten to two months, when entering the sea or pool, diving activities should be avoided and be careful of the effects.

After hair transplantation, sports activities should be interrupted for at least a week. Because during sports activities, blood pressure and speed increase as in intercourse.The grafts are very likely to be damaged, especially as blood pressure in cardiovascular activities will increase too much. After the ban period, it is necessary to continue to pay attention to bumps during exercise. After hair transplantation, It is important to use shampoo for first washing and subsequent washing. However, it would not be correct to exaggerate the matter and invest hundreds of keratos in shampoos. Since shampoo in the first washing is important, the point to pay attention to is how to do the washing process. When choosing a shampoo, it is enough to choose a shampoo in the form of an easy and plentiful soft gel. To be healthy, it may be appropriate to use baby shampoo. Another important product in the first washing process after hair transplant is a lotion to soften the shells. Bepanthen softening lotion can be used for this action.

Hair transplant centers

Today, there are many hair transplant centers in many countries and cities. Hair transplant in Turkey, most hair transplant centers are located in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in large urban areas like. Although the number of difficulties in choosing a hair transplant center will be easy to find the right place with conducting health research will be easy. This may be the first procedure under which a hair transplant center is approved by the Ministry of Health. Caution should be exercised when there is an operating room equipped with hygiene rules at the hair transplant center where the procedure will be performed Also make sure you have specialized personnel and emergency equipment that can intervene in an emergency. The characteristics of a hair transplant specialist are as important as those of the hair transplant center. It is very important how many years of experience the person who performed the hair transplant. The number of years he is actively doing, and the number of years he has worked with his team. A team that has been working together for many years in harmony is always preferred. As Class Hare, We are proud to be a leader in this sector for 12 years. In the past, we have successfully completed hair transplantation for more than 60,000 people. Our center is located hair transplant in Turkey and farms in 7 different countries.

Hair transplant prices

What is the price of hair transplant in Istanbul and Turkey? Can not give a clear answer to the question. Because the hair transplantation sector is very wide, Especially in Istanbul then comes from Ankara and Izmir. Hair transplant prices in Istanbul are very variable and there may be gaps between the prices. The reason for this gap is the high number of hair transplant centers. The hair transplant will be performed in Istanbul, Patients will have many options. Prices for hair transplant in Istanbul can be suitable for every budget, but the success rate of the operations is very high And the fourth decade. Very affordable, hair transplantation is never recommended in hair transplant centers. Because this process has a certain cost. It should be borne in mind that centers with hair transplantation below average prices may suffer from deficiencies in many aspects.If you want to have a quality hair transplant and healthy results, hair transplant prices in Istanbul are $ 1000 on average. It is almost impossible to get high-quality cultivation under this price. If you send us a picture of your head and neck to give you a clear price,Our doctors will be able to get back to you after a detailed review and give you a clear price for hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair that is more curious about planting and planting wrote over Turkey search engines, Turkey farm rates, and get a clear answer to questions like hair transplant in Turkey is generally not possible. Why? Because each patient's hair transplantation fees are different. We can list the reasons for this. The width of the seeding area varies for each patient,The number of grafts planned for each patient varies; these are very important factors such as the quality of service of the center. As mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the price of hair transplantation. In this case, the patient can not calculate how much the cost of hair. To determine the price of hair transplantation, the patient should undergo hair analysis before transplantation. During this hair analysis,The patient's area is determined by the characteristics of the donor, and also the frequency of the number and how the grafts will be transplanted.As a hair transplant center that produces end-to-end solutions for our patients, we aim to provide hair with the latest technology and specialized doctors.All our patients come from outside Turkey to this day in every region and beyond and we are proud to bid farewell to their home happily.Our biggest reference is our patients who have high self-confidence in the past, always smiling and laughing. Hair transplant turkey, hair transplant in Turkey As a family we have signed many years, we have hundreds of successful operations.We owe this success to our natural mission and quality. We aim to achieve a high success rate in hair transplants in the coming years, as well as in the past,With our expert doctors and our expert team who are committed to providing healthy and high quality hair next to the natural front hair line.If you want to have a hair transplant, but you can't predict how much it will cost,It is a phone as much as we are. First, we can talk about hair loss, expansion, and thinning problems, and we can set an approximate price according to your answers. Then,We can perform our hair transplant according to your preference and we will make a clear price through our analysis.We can guarantee to Turkey farm, warm, in a reliable environment, enhanced with specialized equipment with the latest technology you will be very happy with your hair transplant to be performed by your doctor. Hair transplant experts influence the price of hair transplant with experience and expertise. Choosing a hair transplant specialist is extremely important. The points to consider are the previous operations and the doctor's experience.Because hair transplantation is not a process that can be performed in light of theoretical information.

It is very important that the doctor who will perform the hair transplant is an expert in his job and how many years he has worked in this field.In order to determine whether the doctor is an expert, you should see the results of previously performed operations. If the expert is confident,He will accidentally show it to you and give you an idea. If you don't want to have an experimental board in the hands of an expert doctor and his team at the same time equipped with our center,It is always at your service. Hair transplant turkey, hair transplant in turkey for haier class, people in the team completely create professionals and experts in their fields, And put people to test at regular intervals. This way, we always provide you with perfect service.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Turkey is considered in the hair transplantation, hair transplant in Istanbul and in the field of health and tourism ranked first among countries Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities and you can communicate with several centers for hair transplantation once and take information, data and prices from them easily Hair transplant in Istanbul is one of the best prices and quality Tenth place in the world and every year hundreds of patients come to Istanbul to treat hair transplant doctors in Istanbul, Hair transplant in Turkey is a highly experienced and practical training.

Hair transplant centers in Istanbul despite being one of the best centers can satisfy her diseases and the techniques that are applied Among them are dhi and robot FU whichever is better and you get better results and to get more benefit you are taken the necessary information and a picture of the head and the area of the donor The audit is carried out by the doctors and then you are reviewed with the price and number of follicles.Transportation will be from the airport and patients will be transported by our vip transport to our luxury hotels with 5 stars and the most beautiful areas of Istanbul. After a day we will take you to our hospital and receive you by medical guides and then be examined and the process and be up to 5-10 hours without pain and then you are taken to your hotel Hair Transplant Istanbul Please contact us for all the details about hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Methods

Hair transplantation methods: Hair transplantation is a two-stage process, namely, taking follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into the bald area.

FUE Method: Hair follicles are taken from the donor area from the back side of the head between the ears one by one. Before taking follicles from the donor area, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area so as not to feel pain.The hair follicles collected from the donor area are transplanted individually in the area to be transplanted. Hair transplantation has changed. FUE's method of hair transplantation has changed a lot today with time. Replace today with a p-FUE micro-engine to replace the first technique described. FUE is rarely performed using a biopsy needle that we call a punch in some appropriate cases. This technique does not leave stitch marks on the neck. At the end of one year, transplanted hair will gain health and strength in the new area.

FUT method: is the condition of removing the hair tape from the nape of the donor area head and separating the follicles under the microscope. It was first used in 1930. In the area where the follicles are taken, a scar or surgical trace can be left 5-10 cm wide. As a result of the use of a precise motor in the FUE technique for hair transplantation, the rates of bulbectomy decreased to 1% and are about to become the gold standard. Although widespread in the world, it requires technical skills. Because of the success rate and strong hair follicles that take from the donor area,No hair loss after hair transplantation. in addition to ,MEGA FUE and CHOI are also available. Fill out the form for more information.

What happens after hair transplantation

What happens after hair transplantation? Hair transplantation takes about a day for the patient. After the operation is complete, the transplanted area and the donor area are covered with bandages. The next day ,The patient returns to the hair transplant center to change the bandages. After the Bandages changes, the Bandages process is repeated. On this day, the patient is resting only. After surgery On the second day the Bandages process is repeated. But this time the bandage is not wrapped. On this day, the patient and the doctor have a conversation about the postoperative period. On the third day, the doctor will provide the patient with detailed information about the first washing to be performed and the issues to be considered after the operation. On the second day, the patient resting at home. The third day is the first day of washing the patient's hair. If the patient wishes to do this first wash, they can go to the hair transplant center. In the case of washing at home, the hair is thoroughly washed accordingly For advice and information provided by a specialist. The process of washing hair is repeated twice a day until the fifteenth day after the day in the first week of hair transplantation,Hair grows in the cultivated area. Because of the washing effect, the hair that grows quickly will make the patient's face laugh for a short period of time because after a week,These new hairs will be lost due to spills that last more than a month, which we call a sudden fall. Two weeks after the hair transplant.

The new hair follicles have largely joined the canals. The patient's condition can be cautious regarding the exercise instructions and return to his sex life.Many prohibitions are eliminated as of this week, but the patient should always be cautious about the damage to the cultivated area of the periphery.

The new hair begins to grow two months after the hair transplant. From this stage this hair is permanent for the patient. It will continue to grow more and more every day. After 6 months of hair transplantation, the patient begins to acquire his new appearance. From this month, the density of natural hair will be about 70%. The first year after hair transplantation is the time at which the exact result of the hair transplant is taken.The patient, who underwent successful surgery, the person can see 90% of the transplanted hair. He will continue with his healthy and thick hair that will not fall out.

What to consume after hair transplantation

What should I eat? The patient is not given a menu immediately after the hair transplant. However, it is advisable to consume foods that contain vitamins nutritious to the hair and to avoid foods that may contain substances that can harm the health of the hair. The patient should not consume junk food and meals that are difficult to digest without any benefit to the body after hair transplantation. And also heavy meals that cause indigestion in the patient. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced diet for a week after hair transplant.It would be more correct to consume foods containing vitamins A, C and E that support healthy hair and foods containing folic acid, biotin and minerals.At the same time, nutrients such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios rich in nutrients and oils, will certainly be useful in terms of speed of healing.

How long does it take to heal after hair transplant

The most important time after hair transplantation period is 10-12 days. During this time, the follicles will stick to their new channels and begin to perform a normal hair cycle.At the same time, this period of 10 to 12 days is a time period after which the prohibitions and the first hospitalization period are removed by doctors. After the initial healing period. It is wrong to leave the medical guidelines. Because the follicle adaptation process is different, there may be follicles that are not clinging. So ,It is necessary to show maximum sensitivity for at least a month. Then It is useful to protect the follicle area from external factors for up to 6 months. As a result, the cultivated area should be cared for at least 6 months. Is hair transplant painful? Then there is pain after the operation. Hair transplantation is not painful. Because hair transplantation is performed for patients under local anesthesia. If hair transplantation continues for a long time, there may be short pain when reducing the effect of local anesthesia. But then anesthetics will be given again, this pain will be removed by numbness.

Does hair fall back after hair transplant

After the hair transplant, the hair will definitely not fall out. Because the follicles that are grown are taken from the presence of a type of sudden hair loss, which occurs after the hair transplantsaline area Where hair follicles are healthier and stronger even in people with baldness,This is because the hair follicles in this area are more resistant to falling and it starts on the fifteenth day and spreads to a period of one month and 85% is shed 85% of the transplanted hair,healthier and stronger.Can not be ignored. But this is not real hair loss. Therefore, it can not be considered a real hair loss.

Hair transplant prices in Turkey

Hair transplant prices in Turkey are determined entirely by the same standards worldwide. The condition of the patient, the number of follicles to be transplanted can change the price. Prices in Turkey for hair transplantation in general can vary in transplant centers for those who are persistently looking for a fixed price in the centers but unfortunately the different pricing policy is clearly applied to everyone.Although hair transplant prices vary from one center to another in Turkey, the average price is the same overall.

The most important factor in changing hair transplant prices is related to the services offered after hair transplantation.The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is generally calculated as follows. First, the basic price is established in hair transplantation.This basic price varies depending on staff, experience, materials, medicines, clinics and advertising. Hair transplant centers that can perform hair transplant can be found at the basic price, but these cheap procedures are not long-term hair transplants and vary from person to person, resulting in a difference in prices.

Class Hair Transplant Hospital is not only in Turkey but around the world. We have 7 hospitals around the world. If you want to get clear prices for hair transplantation fill out the following form. The medical advisor will contact you and provide you with all the information you need.