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Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Most of the time, we do not find a permanent solution to hair loss problems among the options available in the market. But in general, all experts confirm that hair transplantation is the best permanent solution to all these problems. If you are one of those looking for this wonderful solution, you will face a great challenge while choosing the best hair transplant center in Turkey. We assume that you have decided that Turkey is your preferred destination because it offers the best hair transplant cost, and this is the reality that imposes itself strongly. Accordingly, you will need to choose the best center to perform the operation and the best hair transplant technique, as well as the appropriate prices for your needs. We will provide you with a set of tips before the hair transplant procedure. In our contemporary time, Istanbul is considered one of the most important centers of culture, trade and industry and a global center for attracting tourists, where medical tourism is widespread. The city of Istanbul is distinguished from other cities in many medical fields, including hair transplantation, because the problem of baldness and hair loss is one of the problems that most trouble men and women alike, and with hair loss, people are exposed to many psychological pressures as a result of concern about aesthetic appearance.

Therefore, many ways and means have been invented to treat hair loss and re-grow hair through drugs or through artificial hair transplantation, and the most successful of these operations is the natural hair transplantation process. The hair transplantation process is done by transplanting the same person’s natural hair into the areas. In which hair does not grow from the scalp, the doctor transfers the hair follicles from the donor area to the treated area so that the transplanted hair follicles grow naturally. Our latest hair transplantation method: FUE technique. It is preferable to use this method when there is a need to extract (5000) hair follicles from the donor area, one by one, to transplant them into the recipient area according to the natural direction and depth of the hair. As for the Mega Follicular Unit Extraction technique, it requires two sessions in which the number of follicles planted reaches about 7,000 follicles.

Direct hair transplant (DHI) technique: unlike (FUE); In the DHI technique, hair follicles are transplanted one by one directly from the donor area to the recipient area, without having to wait until all the follicles are collected. Each hair follicle is planted in a specific direction, angle and depth, providing high density. Turkey has recently become famous for what is called medical tourism, specifically related to hair transplantation operations, as it has become the ideal destination for many who wish to undergo plastic surgery for hair and other things, as they will find there high quality and effective procedures in terms of method and method of treatment and cost in general. The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey 0 As for the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey in general, it ranges between $1,200 and $2,500, and this depends on the modern techniques used and the number of hair follicles transplanted, which range between 1,000 - 5,500 hair follicles, as there are centers in Turkey that can perform the procedure. This amount of follicles is transplanted in several sessions.

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