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Hair Transplantation Using The Sapphire Technique in Istanbul

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation in Istanbul is a special hair transplantation technique. It takes the name mainly after the sapphire prongs used to make incisions in the recipient area. In this advanced hair transplantation technique, new channels for hair grafts are opened using incisions with ruby tips. Sapphire helps the skin recover faster and better. This is another material or device that is often marketed and sold as an implant method. It uses a blade made of ruby stones instead of traditional steel-cut blades, needles or spear points. The idea is that they are known for their durability and sharpness and may have a positive impact on the channel creation phase. However, the method, graft extraction, and site operation remain the same. With that said, let's review the claims: The blade creates micro channels due to its sharpness, resulting in less trauma, swelling, or bleeding. Allows sites to be created in close proximity to improve density. Improves proper depth management. Removes irregularities in wounds. Reduces trauma to the follicles themselves.

The purpose here is not to discredit this tool and the chosen technique, as it really comes down to clinical preference, just like the DHI tools. However, false marketing must be dealt with honestly, as clinics abroad unethically represent the ability of these tools. Before we cover the falsity of these claims, you should also know that these blades were not actually picked from a mystical gemstone cave and handcrafted into beautiful sapphire blades, they are actually lab-created synthetic sapphires, which are essential to making a precise surgical instrument from. Stones due to their malleability than natural stones. Let's get straight to the facts on these claims: The blade actually creates fine channels and is stronger and sharper than steel. However, the shock is arguably greater, as sapphire blades are twice as thick as steel-cut blades. The tool is human-controlled, so it will go as deep or shallow as a doctor would, regardless of whether they use a steel blade, a ruby blade, or a ballpoint pen. Irregularities will begin to form as the blades are dull, and sharpness plays a factor, but steel is much sharper and is used for more invasive procedures.

A good doctor understands the tool he or she is using, whether the blade is sapphire or steel, and will switch to a new blade when necessary to ensure optimal performance. The site builder never interacts with the graft unless the graft is loaded into the DHI tool. Even then, unless the wizard damages the graft, the damage factor is equivalent.

Advantages of hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique in Istanbul

Sapphire incisions are very sharp and have a smooth surface, and in this sense, hair transplantation with sapphire technology in Istanbul allows us to plant with 30% more density than ordinary incisions. The Sapphire Slit Method (SPS) also reduces damage to the hair in the recipient area. Sapphire incisions reduce tissue damage and trauma, so the healing process after transplantation using the sapphire hair transplant method in Istanbul is faster. In this method, hair follicles are kept away from the patient's body for a shorter period of time than other hair transplant methods. In this sense, Sapphire Hair Transplant in Istanbul provides a higher graft survival rate and healthier grafts. Sapphire hair transplantation in Istanbul results in less trauma and therefore higher survival rates for hair grafts.

Is hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique in Istanbul useful for hereditary hair baldness?

Sapphire hair transplantation in Istanbul can treat hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss in men is called male pattern baldness (MPB), and is primarily caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from the hormone testosterone in males. Genetic and external factors can change the level of hair loss. Hair transplants are generally developed to treat MPB and hereditary baldness in men. In fact, this is why hair transplants work better for men than women.

Is hair transplantation permanent? Do the results last a lifetime?

Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique in Istanbul is a permanent and natural solution to baldness. The transplanted hair follicles are not affected by the natural effects of hair loss. The reason for this situation is due to the nature of the transplanted hair. Hair follicles for transplantation are extracted from the special donor area located at the back of the head. These hair grafts are immune to the effects of the DHT hormone. These grafts remain permanently in the recipient area due to this special feature. In this sense, hair transplantation is a permanent solution to baldness. Due to its permanent nature, the result of Sapphire hair transplant surgery in Istanbul lasts a lifetime. The immune graft will be with you in the recipient area until the end. However, the same cannot be said for your original hair that is already in the area and is not fortified.

Will the hair transplant results look completely natural?

Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique in Istanbul is a permanent and natural solution to hair loss, and it should be noted that the transplanted hair is the person's own hair. In this way, the transplanted hair looks and grows naturally. Of course, there is the issue of hairline design and density. The hairline design and density should be personally planned for you. Your age, donor area boundaries, anatomical and facial features must be taken into account to obtain a completely natural appearance. This should be done by a certified and experienced hair surgeon. At Class Hair Hair Transplant Clinics, we provide consultations and operations by globally certified and experienced hair surgeons. Contact us for a free consultation in person or online!

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